FTC is investigating Twitter

The Feds are looking at exchanges between Twitter and UberMedia.

UberMedia is known for developing tools that help users follow and communicate with one another on Twitter’s popular social media service.


According to the Associated Press, the Federal Trade Commission investigation is in an early stage and the reason behind the inquiry is still unclear.


The Business Insider blog was the first outlet to report on the analysis. They said that FTC antitrust investigators are looking at how Twitter deals with companies that code applications for its messaging service, like photo-sharing, URL-shortening and advertising services. They want to determine whether Twitter is actively limiting competition by purchasing or prohibiting developers who are outsiders.


The FTC frequently studies complaints—usually from rivals—of anticompetitive business practices by companies in the technology sector. The early probes do not always end up as full-blown investigations.


The Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter obstructed UberMedia from getting to messages on its social platform, known as “tweets,” earlier this year. They have since restored access for UberMedia.


The FTC and Twitter did not comment. Ubermedia did not respond to a request for comment either.