Know How Technology and Culture Walk Hand-In-Hand towards A Development

In the modern era where mere thoughtfulness of traditions and culture seem to be lost in the crowd, there are still some corners on earth where these are well utilized alongside technological means to improve the developmental process of the modern era.

Though we have come forward to an extent where looking back to traditions seems to be of no use and boring to the younger generation, but in the walks of life, the values and morals prove to be beneficial on both developing and modernizing our world.

It differs as to how we implement the traditions in a modern way in our everyday lives so that we are able to keep up with the trends and flow the age-old cultures too! There is no denying the fact that “old is gold” and thus we should learn to lead a life mixing traditions with trends in terms of almost everything.

Why should we follow the ongoing trends keeping in mind the traditions?

Well, we might not take our parents or grandparents seriously in whatever they say as because we think they have become too old or outdated to possess knowledge about what’s going on around us. But, in the path of life, we realize that all these technology and digitization have evolved since ages and thus, are taken forward by such old people only who are full of traditions and culture within themselves!

When our elders guide us in anything, we should not straightway deny the same citing the reason of being too traditional in their thoughts but we should try to invoke that to bring about something useful out of it.

For example, the growth in the online shopping portals have seen a huge surge in the past few years and it is a blend of culture and modernization altogether. Likewise, when our elders say to not speed our vehicles on the road, it is for good and thus we should refrain from doing so if we don’t want to visit a motor vehicle accident attorney in case we suffer any mishap on the road.

That is why most vehicles today come with automatic speed breaker to control your speed on road to avoid disasters. This is a great work towards the evolution of culture and modernization in this era. So, we all must follow certain things that come from the traditions equipped with trends for our own good. When we fail to keep up with either of them, then the measure of success in the walks of life differentiates to a greater extent.

Thus, we all need to blend our lives in a way that it gives us a satisfaction level to gel well with people from both the generations. When we keep up with trends yet do our best to follow the traditions, there is no other feeling as such!

The Final Take

Nowadays, people prefer to be following the trends wholeheartedly in regards to everything and thereby forget to actually get the depth knowledge of what they are doing and why they are doing it. When it comes to making use of technology, we blindly follow the trends without realizing the aftereffects or the negative impacts it would have on our lives later on.

That is why, modern-day scientists are opting to mix culture and traditions with technology so that the upcoming generation is not deprived of either of them. But it’s funny how we are actually utilizing these means to accomplish some works that must be done keeping in mind the actual rituals rather than executing them via technical means.

For example, people even opt for accomplishing some marital ceremonies like engagements and all via video calling facilities and thus, the real excitement and thrill is lost somewhere in the worldly developmental process! Therefore, we must try to implement the technology for better usage purposes and not for unnecessary utilization.