‘Keep it Simple’ Concept Applies to your Site’s Landing Page too

One of the common axioms of direct marketing implies that too many options paralyze a prospect into a state of indecisiveness or non-action. Does this tendency apply to landing pages creation process? Recently, Marketing Experiments Journal did a study to reveal how having many items (stuffy landing page) affects the performance of the entire page.

They tested their study hypothesis using real businesses to illustrate the fundamental principles of a lead-generating landing page design. The researchers reviewed a reputable national newspaper, an online electronics retailer, and a popular paid subscription website. They realized that some landing pages started out better and all had room for improvement.

In each case, the researchers found that the landing page effectiveness and conversion rate increased significantly when unnecessary choices and distractions were eliminated. That means a landing page whose overall design and orientation emphasize on the important elements of product or service and the CTA is likely to convert better than a ‘crowded’ page with lots of whistles and bells.

A simple landing page can change the face of your business positively

If you check five of the most successful websites and find out the reasons they are thriving, you will realize that a simple, excellent landing page is among the major reasons. Each site technically has a landing page. But why just a few websites rise above the rest? What makes them unique?

The truth is, when your website’s landing page isn’t good enough, its bounce rate shoots up, conversion rate drops, and you are left with nothing more than wilting business plan!

Well, this could happen to anyone owning or managing a website. Most companies, whether small or big, miss out traffic and the response they need because they didn’t choose the right landing page creator or put enough thought into a great landing page. You shouldn’t make this mistake. Here are tips to keep your landing page simple and make it more useful.

1. Great headline

Use a simple, great headline that talks to your potential customers, intrigues them by offering them an idea of what you offer or do and how it can benefit them. Keep it short, precise, simple, and pass your message clearly in a strong voice.

An important thing to keep in mind when creating headlines is that the viewers might have little or even no idea about your brand. Thus, your headline should introduce your brand to your prospects and must do so perfectly.

2. Easy to understand sub-headline

A sub-headline is optional but helpful when used in the right way. Create a catchy, sub-headline that illustrates whatever you do, what makes you capable and important. Remember, the digital marketing arena is filled with lots of brands, all scrambling for limited attention. That’s the reason you should let the site visitor find what they need within a short time.

3. Use CTA wisely

Your call to action (CTA) needs to stand out and yet be part of your overall conversation. Create it as though it were saying, “Does this sound good? Let’s get started.” It’s recommended to use once CTA. Including different CTA might get your entire message muddled.

4. Don’t ignore the power of visuals

Studies indicate that humans process visual information faster than verbal communication. Use relevant, high-quality video or images to show your prospects what it would be like to use your service or product. That creates confidence and eliminates guesswork.

5. Create an excellent copy

Here are tips for creating a simple copy that converts.

Speak like, and to the client: Create a copy that speaks to your clients in their language. Your landing page should be comparatively short, focused on a specific point, and action-oriented. Note that the risk of losing your visitors’ attention is high, a reason you should stick to a tone they can easily grasp.

Be clear: Once you figure out what you want to convey on your website’s landing page, don’t deviate from that message. Boil each word on your page down to its essentials.

Tell your prospects what they want to hear: This sounds harsh, but no one cares about your brand. Your prospects will love it if only it does something incredibly special for them. So, it’s about your customers not how beautiful your brand is. Show your prospects you’re ready to serve them and they will trust you with their money.

Inspire action: It’s wise to sprinkle trigger points throughout the entire landing to gently push your visitors to notice your CTA and take the right action.

The bottom line is, define your landing page objective and stick with it. Make each graphic, icon, and word keep your target audience focused on the single action that will satisfy your top objective.