How to run a criminal record check online

Technology has made finding public record data much easier than ever before. With any device that has an internet connection anyone can now search and access criminal data with just a few clicks or swipes of their computer or smart phone. In this guide we will show you some of the best places and methods to find criminal records and other public data directly online.

Start With Google

Google can provide you with some simple fast information about someone. Keep in mind you probably won’t find information on a person’s criminal or arrest history doing this but you could find information like a person’s social account and images. To view images simply type the person’s name into google and hit the image tab.

Search Social Networks

Try searching social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more clues on your search subject. Again these sites will not provide criminal records but it’s a quick way to find more information on someone and shouldn’t be overlooked. Run a search in google like this: “Your Search Subjects Name”

Criminal Record Search Service

The above information can be done quite easy and should result in finding some basic information about your search subject and shouldn’t take long to complete. However finding criminal records can take more time and you may need to enlist the help of some better online tools geared towards finding these kind of specific records.

Search online at the clerks of court office

If you know where your search subject resides and you’re sure of what courthouse he or she would have jurisdiction over at the time of the criminal act you can try and search directly at the clerks of court website. Not all courthouse records may be available to search online but you should take a few minutes to explore this path as you could find valuable information on your search subject in court case files. This data can lead to what criminal records this user has.

Use a search service that specializes in public record data

Utilize a criminal record search service that will help in finding criminal records directly online. This method can save you time and money by giving its users access to billions of records to search from. Users for a small fee can get access to unlimited searching tools that will show when available criminal public records, arrest warrants, and much more all in a secure portal. You will only need a first and last name to run a criminal record search.

In Closing

There are many reasons that someone would want to run a criminal record check and the fact is everyone should run a record check on themselves first and foremost. Records could be wrong or attached to your file that could hurt you in the future. For any reason you feel like you need to check on someone in your life you should run a public criminal record check to keep you and your family safe.