How to Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a blog that is already getting traffic? If so, the next step is to convert that traffic into money. This article will give you some ideas on how to start making money from your blog. Just pick the ones that you think would work for you and use them in your blog.

Enroll in Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that is based on performance. As a blogger, you can enroll in affiliate marketing programs to promote products and services that are offered by specific companies. These companies will provide you with trackable links to use on your site. If one of your visitors clicks on any of those links while visiting your blog and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

Your focus in this case should be to send as much traffic as you can to the company’s website. The more traffic you send, the higher the chances that your traffic will convert into a sale. To increase your conversion rate you should focus on promoting only relevant products to your niche. If say your article is about football, don’t send traffic to a jewelry site. A better option would be to send traffic to a football betting site like bettingjam does. As you will notice here, the blogger is giving tips on who’s going to win the next football match and then including trackable links to football betting sites.

Generate Leads and Sell them to Companies

Selling leads to companies can be a very lucrative business. It can turn your blog into a cash-cow. When generating leads, you will collect information about your readers and then sell it to companies. When collecting personal information make sure that you adhere to state and federal laws that govern the collection of personal information from people.

Companies usually buy leads to sell their products or services to them. There are specific niches such as insurance and IT whereby companies will be willing to pay an average of $50 per lead as explained in this article.

Sell Ebooks and Online Courses

Selling ebooks is one of the most popular ways on how bloggers make money from their blog. It costs practically nothing to create your own content such as ebooks and online courses and then sell it to your audience. The best way how to go about it would be to promote your ebooks and courses to your email subscribers and by using banners on your site. Something that you might want to test, is to launch a flash sale to your email subscribers where you will give them a discount if they buy your ebooks or courses by say end of week or end of month.

Sell Advertising Space

If your blog is generating a good amount of traffic, you can approach companies to promote their products through sponsored posts or banner campaigns. You can also consider enrolling in Google adsense program where you will post a code on your blog to show ads from Google. You will then get money every time someone clicks on your ads.

Wrapping it up

Creating a profitable blog requires a lot of patience as to convert traffic into revenue takes time. However, if you keep focused it can be both enjoyable and earn you some extra income. The best way how to go about it is to generate traffic and then to test any of the stuff that we mentioned in this article. Make sure that you monitor and track everything so that you can improve your results.