How to increase Amazon sales using Instagram data in 2019

The Amazon marketplace is a great e-commerce platform for online sellers when you get it right. However, there is a lot of competition out there. The enormous number of shoppers who use Amazon is an obvious sign of how popular the platform is. 

You must keep up with the competition and learn quickly what works and what doesn’t to increase Amazon sales. 

We are all about finding ways to bring in more money into our business, so let’s get to an interesting way you can increase your sales on Amazon.

Instagram has a huge audience, every day thousands of people/brands/stores create content to boost their business.

We also know that Facebook and Google advertising really work, so why not use these three factors to increase our sells on Amazon? 

Gathering information on your potential clients can be a difficult task. But when you get this information it can boost your business very fast.

There is a cool tool that can help you to bound all 3 platforms. It can extract bio, emails and phone numbers from any account from Instagram.

With Pro Export Ninja you can extract that type of information:

  • The account’s username, full name, and biography
  • The number of followers and followed accounts.
  • The number of posts – both normal posts and posts made for IGTV.
  • The verified status of the account.
  • If the email is public, it will be stored.
  • If the phone number  is public, it will be stored too 
  • The account type (personal or business account)

According to this data, you can use it in 3 main and useful ways such as:

Targeted Google advertising

Everybody knows about Google advertising, you can easily extract the needed audience from Instagram and add this data-list in Google Adwords.

Making a user base for Look-a-Like audiences

Make a user base for Look-a-Like audiences. Reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business based on similarities to your already existing customers. 

You can use an uploaded .csv file with an exported list of profiles with emails and phone numbers in Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature.

Super targeted advertising on Facebook

Go to a Facebook Business Manager, create a custom list, upload the .csv file with the exported list of profiles with emails and phone numbers.

Done, you’re in business.

How it works?

  1. You define an audience you want to export. Let’s say you have direct competitors and you want to export their audience and make it yours. You just grab their username and paste it in the search field on the landing page.
  2. Select what kind of data you need. Hit “Start” button
  3. Get the results .csv file or Google Sheets ✅

⚠️you will get a .csv (comma-separated values) file if followers count exceeds 10,000.

.csv is the most basic table text format which can be opened by any modern table tool like Excel or Google Sheets and vice versa you can export files from Excel and Google Sheets to .csv

  1. And now you are able to run a very successful Instagram/Facebook/Google ads campaigns and gather new customers!

Good luck!