How to Create a Successful Instagram Strategy in 2020

If you have to be told that Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms in the world right now, then it obviously means you’re living under a rock or don’t have access to the internet. If you already know the level of reach Instagram brings to the table, then you know there’s an opportunity waiting to be grabbed to improve your business and help you search for more customers. If you’re looking to leverage an Instagram panel as well as create a successful strategy for 2020, here are some important pointers you should follow to the letter. You might already be practicing them and if you are, then good on you, but let others follow the same suit.

Content balancing is extremely important

When you’re planning your 2020 Instagram strategy, the first step is to ensure that the content is balanced. If you’re wondering, there is nothing more irritating than seeing the same content on someone’s Instagram feed. If you continue pumping the same old content, it obviously means that you have a shortage of creativity and lack of vision when it comes to a content strategy and marketing outlook. Start with this, then move onto the next step.

Change your profile and improve your BIO

Your profile should be optimized for your business as well as your target audience. The content that you share on that profile will be reflective of that. You don’t want visitors viewing content that doesn’t make sense on a particular profile. Additionally, your profile should provide a brief summary of what your brand is all about. It’s recommended that you don’t become too formal with the information you’re punching in and the tone should be friendly, social and approachable. Next comes the BIO, and editing it should be considered very important for you. It shouldn’t just be interesting, but informative too. You’ll have to use the same voice that you use when you share content and you’ll have to use appropriate hashtags too.

Consistency is key

There’s nothing like having an excellent content sharing strategy on Instagram but there also needs to be consistency involved in the mix. Always remember, consistency is key, no matter if you’re sharing unique content with users for improved engagement, or something else. However, it’s not like you can share anything and be done with it. Consistent content publishing with a proper tone while sticking to your branding is extremely important. You cannot confuse your followers into believing that you’re something else entirely. Keep in mind that the above rule where you have to change your profile as well as improving your BIO is directly linked to this one, so treat both pointers with the same level of importance.