How Teams Use Social Media to Engage Fans

Social media has become a huge part of the experience for sports fans. Using social media platforms while watching games allows fans to check out game recaps, stats, and other entertaining information. Here are some of the ways teams keep their fans engaged.

Revealing Pre-Season Training

Many teams now provide fans expanded pre-season exposure by revealing behind-the-scenes action as players get ready for the new season. The result is that fans become more excited about what’s to come because they’re engaged before any of the games begin.

Posting In-Game Highlights

Fans love having the ability to relive exciting game highlights before the game has come to its conclusion. This process keeps fans who saw certain plays engaged during breaks in the action. It also helps fans who missed the live plays find out instantly what all the excitement was about.

Posting Pre- and Post-Game Highlights

Helping fans get excited about an upcoming game is useful in order to drive last minute ticket sales or make sure fans watch the game on television. Sharing pre-game highlights of the last game or star players’ plays accomplishes this in a fun and engaging way. In the same manner, highlighting the best moments of a completed game keeps fans engaged as they come back for more.

Highlighting Fan Snapshots and Videos

Fans love seeing pics and videos other fans have shot. Teams are using platforms like Greenfly to mobilize fans in a structured manner and adding the results to their social media feeds.

Highlighting Members of the Organization

Teams have the ability to create a more robust sense of community by using social media to highlight members of the organization. Social media posts that tell a story about the coach or lesser-known staff are effective for providing die-hard fans the inside look they crave. Player features are another way to use this strategy. Fans love getting a glimpse of the human side when it comes to stories about players, coaches and staff.

Using Feedback Polls

Interactive polls are used to gain direct feedback from fans in an attempt to understand what they want to see next. The more teams stay up on what is most relevant to fans, the better social media engagement rates become.

Posting Player Quotes

Some teams use social media effectively by posting players’ quotes and thoughts about practices and games. This provides an immediate glimpse into what players are doing all the way up to game time. It’s possible to post what players are thinking about the opposing team or their pre-game rituals so fans feel closer to the process.

Showing Players Off the Field

Social media is an excellent way to highlight what players are up to off the field. This is especially true for players who give back to the community and are positive influences on the city. It’s a good idea to help fans understand how many players give back.

Highlighting Past Accomplishments

Fans love to look back at a team’s history. Social media should be used to highlight past comeback wins, amazing personal accomplishments by players and championship game action.

Informing Fans About Roster Moves and Injuries

In the day and age of fantasy sports, fans love getting real-time updates on injuries and roster moves so they can build out their game-day rosters.

Social media is an effective tool for sports teams to keep fans engaged at all times.