Get a higher Google maps ranking in 2018 with these 10 easy steps

Getting a higher Google Maps Ranking can really profit your business by not only giving you a competitive advantage against fellow competitors but also boosting your sales. Here’s 10 tactics that will boost you business’ ranking on Google Maps in 2018:

Google Reviews

Opening up your business for reviews will help your business rank higher on google maps while at the same time helping it gain trust among potential customers. However, since you can’t control what people say about your business, the reviews may feature good as well as bad opinions.

Business offering quality and authentic products shouldn’t have to worry about this since majority of the reviewers tend to give honest reviews, you could even request a number of loyal customers to review your business. A few positive reviews are enough to instantly boost your business’s ranking on google maps.

Include a Google Map on your website

Embedding a google map on your business website is another sure way to help your business rank higher on Google Maps. By doing this, you are essentially telling Google that your business is located exactly where the listings say it is.

Opt for a Local Telephone Number

Using a Local Telephone Number with an area code matching the business’ location proves to Google that your business is authentic as well as boosting its’ google maps ranking. This is because Toll-Free numbers are usually associated with spam use.

Complete your Google My Business profile

Making sure that Google has all the Information they need about your business will increase the Google Maps Ranking. You should provide complete and accurate information about:

Business Hours – Providing business hours will help potential customers know when they can access your business’ products/services.

Contact Information – Provide all contact information such as: Address, website details and telephone number.

Categorize your Business Properly

Google provides you with the option to categorize your business for better description. You should aim to make use of this option by not only filling the primary category but also making sure that all the other 5 categories are filled. The primary category states the main classification of your business such as law firm or restaurant. The other 5 categories should include local SEO keywords better describing your business such as Texas law firm, Urban Eatery Restaurant. You can also seek help from experts like Big Vision Marketing, SEO agency in Sydney because SEO is not an easy task to do.

Add Photos to the Listing

Including photos of your business is an easy way to boost your Business’ ranking on Google Maps. Add a variety of good photos to attract customers to your business.

Optimize on your Business’ Listing Description

Use local SEO keywords to describe your business while at the same time staying within the character limit on the Google Maps Listing.

Get a Press Release written on your Business

Having a Press Release written on your business will not only boost your Google Maps Ranking but will also impress potential customers.

Get Social Signals

Social Signals are your site’s likes, shares and overall social media presence. Getting Social Signals is increasingly becoming essential in 2018. You could do this by running social media ads using your company’s link. Not only will this boost your business’ Google map ranking but is also a good advertisement strategy.

Local Schema Markup

Schema markup is structured code that Google uses to read your NAP; Name, Address and Phone Number. You can build on your business’ schema markup over time which will boost the business’ Google Map Ranking.

Incorporation of the above tactics will definitely help your business achieve a higher Google Map Ranking.