Essential Instagram Tools To Grow Your Business

From quirky products to inspirational stories, Instagram lets you share a lot of things. The platform has more than 300 million active users and has become an essential place for business. It helps people engage in types of content and grow a good presence. To actively use Instagram for promoting your business, you must choose some essentials tools. Check out the ones added below:


To manage your Instagram accounts better, you can use ScheduGram. You can upload and schedule several images and post them later in multiple accounts. Everyone needs to log into the ScheduGram account, schedule posts for their accounts and schedule it. The app helps you have direct integration with Canva and helps design images.

Cost: $5 for 7 days


Iconosquare helps you promote your Insta account. You can manage the community, analyze activity, and check follower growth. You can also promote the account onto different social media sites with photo widgets or feed tabs. Start photo contests to engage the community. Build, promote, monitor and post results on your account, all with the help of Iconosquare.

Cost: Varies


Tagboard helps you connect with social networks. Every Tagboard you use is a combination of social media posts that have used the same hashtag. They can be embedded in web-site and mobiles app. The viewers can like, comment, share from the tagboard itself.

Cost: Free


The TakeOff app is a part of Crowdfite that schedules your posts. It automatically posts your scheduled images or videos during the time of your maximum reach. The app also analyzes your captions and suggests relevant options. They know the right hashtags that can help you reach out too. The app also allows you to appoint team members who can monitor the content or review it.


Crowdfire helps you manage relationships on Twitter and Instagram. You need to look for active users and potential followers. You need to find people who might follow you or keep track of your updates. You can check the relationship shared in both Twitter and Instagram account and find measures to help it grow.

Cost: Free


Repost is the more popular Instagram app that helps you share other’s photos and videos. You can use it for free with the watermark of the app’s logo.

Cost: $4.99 for pro


Piqora helps in visual marketing for Pinterest and Instagram. It recommends images that you might like to post and enables the entire team to interact on a calendar. It also launches promotion and tracks results. You can put the ideal user-generated content on the app and have a branded gallery!

Cost: Varies


Tapshop is part of Piqora that helps Instagram followers shop from you. It lets them find a custom page full of products that they liked and get direct emails with links to the actual product pages. The app tallies clicks purchases and revenue by the Tapshop page within the Piqora Publishing Dashboard.

Cost: Varies


Ink361 is a web app that helps manage your Instagram account. It helps you create albums, find contacts within your circle, set up notifications of new posts, and more. You get a perfect overview of Instagram status for keeping track of the social impact. It embeds a gallery in your blog or website that shows all the Instagram posts. You can also use this on Facebook!

Cost: Free


Offerpop lets you create interactive promotions and use user-generated content. It creates sampling programs and sweepstakes. It also rewards regular customers and gives them offers. You can track performance, export data to your email address and have a CRM system. It also lets you post offers and advertisements within to create shopping galleries.

Cost: Varies

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