Essential Aspects to Audit before Selecting WordPress Hosting

WordPress websites and WordPress Hosting go together just like peanut butter and jelly. And WordPress Hosting is lately becoming the preferred choice for every WordPress site owner regardless of the type of website he/she owns. This is fairly obvious because the bottom line of WP Hosting is that the complete hosting environment and infrastructure is configured to be highly compatible with the WordPress CMS. However, just because a certain hosting provider offers WordPress Hosting plans, it doesn’t mean they are right for you. It is essential for you as a WordPress website owner to ask the right questions and evaluate the right factors before you on-board a WP Hosting plan. With that in mind, this post will cover certain essential aspects that we believe should be mandatorily evaluated for every WordPress Hosting offer you come across. Let’s get started!
  1. Type of WordPress Hosting: Hosting is made ideal for WordPress with the help of the right software and OS configuration, but the underlying Hosting technology may differ. For instance, WordPress hosting can be Shared WordPress Hosting or Dedicated WordPress hosting and so on. It is essential for you to understand what base hosting type is retained for the WordPress Hosting Package you are evaluating. Let’s suppose your WordPress website requires high resource scalability, but the WordPress Hosting you are selecting is based on Shared Hosting infrastructure. In this situation you might be at a disadvantage. Many of the renowned WordPress Hosting Providers like ResellerClub offer Cloud Based WordPress Hosting Solutions which are highly flexible and scalable. So this aspect is definitely something you should look at.
  2. Security: All websites need security and WordPress websites are no different. Moreover, since WordPress as a CMS is based on Open Source architecture, your website’s security and data integrity can potentially be compromised. Moreover, in WordPress development, you almost always need to integrate 3rd party plugins and themes which can add to the overall vulnerability of your website. That being said, a strong security suite is very essential. And as much as you and your IT team are responsible for your website’s security, the onus is also on your WordPress Hosting provider. It is a good idea to have an exhaustive conversation with the WP Hosting provider on the kind of security solutions they offer within their WordPress Hosting plan. Hosting Companies like ResellerClub provide security tools like CodeGuard and SiteLock. CodeGuard monitors your website/database regularly and if any changes are detected, it automatically takes a backup and notifies you. This way, it allows you to restore your website/database to a previous version if necessary. SiteLock not only identifies threats, but also fixes them for you automatically. Let this be a benchmark for any WordPress Hosting package you consider.
  3. WordPress Maintenance: The primary benefit of WordPress Hosting is that you are less responsible for keeping the WordPress system in fine working condition. Check with your WP Hosting Provider if they take care of basic WP Maintenance such as automatic WordPress updates, regular and comprehensive system backups and even optimization of the WP-Database which houses all your WordPress data like pages, posts, forms, comments, theme settings, plugin settings etc. Ensure such aspects are taken care of with the WordPress Hosting Plan. At times the WP Hosting provider may offer them as part of a different plan by the name of Managed WordPress Hosting, so it would make sense to evaluate that as well.
  4. Ability to Upgrade CPU and RAM: Easy scalability is something we always look for in any type of Hosting. And your hosting package may require resources to be added to it as your website grows with time. If you are limited by resources and processing power and the hosting package finds that the available resources are falling short, it will make your website slow, or in extreme cases can even lead to downtime. In today’s world, the duration of website downtime is proportional to loss of business. To avoid this, ensure your WordPress Hosting Provider offers the flexibility to upgrade resources like processors and RAM.

There you have it. Proper evaluation of these important factors will ensure that you don’t regret the decision of on-boarding a WordPress Hosting Provider hastily. One other aspect that goes without saying is the price, but that depends upon the budgets you carry and the hosting provider across the table. In terms of functionality and features, the factors listed above are of utmost importance. Hope this helps and feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, I love a good debate or a discussion as much as the next person!