Easy Ways to Track DHL International Packages

In the modern world, online purchases of absolutely any goods have become commonplace. Now there are many couriers delivering products, but the German company DHL remains the leader. To meet the needs of their customers, they offer various tracking services so that everyone can find the most convenient way for them.

DHL Express Tracking Ways

There are several options available to find out your DHL track status. Check out the methods below and choose yours. With their help, you can track shipments anytime, anywhere.

The company’s site

It is the most obvious way. By entering your tracking number in the search bar, you can find out where your package is now. The site gives you complete information about the parcel’s location, including the ones en route, and not just at the start or endpoint. Conveniently, you can find out information about several cargoes at once. You can print all available numbers (up to 10) in the search bar, separating them with a comma, and the service will provide you with the necessary data.

DHL app

Of course, such a large company has its own application for mobile devices. This platform has a simple and user-friendly interface and allows you to check the status of all parcels in one place. Enter the tracking number manually or scan the barcode using your smartphone’s camera. With this application, you can also find out where the nearest DHL point of delivery of goods is.

Whatsapp assistant

DHL recently added a new way to track shipments. The 24-hour digital assistant allows you to find out the necessary information via WhatsApp if it’s convenient for you to use this application. To find out the location of your package, send a message to the DHL WhatsApp number with the word “Track” and your tracking number. If you have any questions regarding the delivery service, you can also ask the assistant.

Other ways

The above methods are the most common among DHL customers. However, the list of services with which you can track parcels does not end there. You can also:

  • Send an email to the company email address;
  • Send a text message to the DHL phone number;
  • Call customer support service, say the phrase “track a parcel,” and the recognition system will provide you with the information you need.

All-in-One Platforms

Of course, it’s great that DHL offers so many tracking methods to their customers. However, many online shoppers use more than one courier service. In this case, the ideal option would be to opt for platforms that combine info from several companies at once. Some advanced services allow tracking the parcels of 820+ postal companies. You do not need to look for the courier you use in this huge list. Just enter the tracking number into the search box, and the system will recognize your company.

Track Anything Anywhere

Using any of the above methods allows you to track international DHL shipments anytime, anywhere. Thanks to modern technology, you will always know when and what time your package will arrive. So you don’t have to waste your time and sit at home waiting for the courier.