Broken Backlinks and What They Can Do For Your Business

One of the most difficult tasks for any company is to find ways to get users to sample their website. It can be done effectively by using backlinks. That’s a process where you, as a marketer, seek out a website that might draw in some of your customers and provide content which then links back to the site. But this is by no means an easy process. And it occasionally is a costly one if the host site asks for compensation.

Did you know, however, that you can benefit when sites have links that don’t make it to the intended destination? This can be because the link was typed wrong or because the content is removed. In any case, that’s called a broken backlink, and you might be able to piggyback off that for your own company’s exposure. A company like Supa Growth can do a lot of the legwork for you in securing these broken links and gaining these crucial opportunities for your business. Here is how it works in a few easy steps.

1. Finding Them

The best way to make this work for you is to utilize software that can find these links for you. Ideally, they will be found through keywords that are germane to the business that you run. Otherwise, the process wouldn’t make sense, as you might end up gaining a link on a site that has nothing to do with you. Once you find some of these possibilities, you can go to work on the next step.

2. Pitching Them

Your next step is to reach out to the sites where these links are contained. You can explain to them that you’ve discovered that there are broken links in the content in question because they might not realize it themselves. You can also detail how your own site has some content that would be relevant to the link and ask them if your site could then be used to replace the broken link.

3. Sealing the Deal

Most websites that are being actively updated won’t like the idea of having a broken link on one of their articles or other pieces of content. If you can convince them that you can fill in that missing link, they can keep the content with only a slight bit of alteration.

4. Reaping the Rewards

The best part of this is that you will be sliding right into a spot that is perfect for what your business is selling, and you’ll likely be doing this at no cost to you whatsoever. If you can find multiple broken link possibilities, your benefit can benefit immediately and substantially. And, if the sites are extremely popular, your efforts will be rewarded many times over.


It may seem like a complicated process, but, with the right software finding you opportunities, broken backlinks can be as simple as reaching out and selling yourself. That’s what effective marketing is all about, and broken backlinks are without a doubt effective marketing.