Benefits of having your own chicken coop

Health comes first. Being a part of the growing commercialization, we are witnessing the fact that companies are solely focused on making money through different methods. When it comes to buying groceries, it is very difficult to find something authentic and pure. Eggs are one of them. Eggs were supposed to be boosting our health in many ways but the hatcheries in order to meet the needs of the public inject different antibiotics in hens. This results in people getting low quality eggs.

Having your own chicken coop can be beneficial here. What can be better than raising your own flock of chickens and getting eggs from them? If commercial institutions are keeping hens safe with fox resistant chicken coops then why cannot we? There are varieties of chicken coops available in the market with different sizes and shapes. Regardless of their characteristics, having your own chicken coop can be advantageous. Here is how:

Healthier chickens, healthier eggs

Factor farmed chickens are often unhealthy due to the environment they live in. They are brought up in a very restricted environment and with an unhealthy diet. The diet comprises of unnatural components including hormones and chemicals to trigger their growth. Unnatural environment and diet negatively impacts the nutrition of eggs. Factory farmed eggs are less nutritious than eggs given by backyard chicken. As mentioned above, factories inject chemicals into chickens to meet the demands of the industries. This comprises the nutritional components of eggs. Having your own chicken coop will completely eliminate the problem.

Tastier eggs

Nutrition is not only important. Everybody wants a good taste whether you are having eggs or any other food. Eggs are kept in open air in groceries for days and even weeks. This allows air seeping through the pores of the eggs which impacts the taste. Eggs do not remain fresh and the taste doesn’t exhibit originality. With your own chicken coop you can ensure good taste. Now whether you are having eggs during breakfast, lunch or dinner, taste will be prioritized with your very own chicken coops.

Improvement of garden

Surprisingly, chickens can improve your garden. Chickens are natural foragers and can be beneficial for your garden. Hens naturally scratch the soil for bugs which can harm your soil and eat fruits and vegetables. Chickens can also help accelerate decomposition process improving the quality of your soil.

Chicken are good for your compost

Chicken waste comprises of elements which are good for your compost. It is highly rich in nitrogen making it an ideal component. Used egg shells can also be used as compost. This is one of the major benefits of having your own chicken coop.


These were some of the benefits you can enjoy once you get your own chicken coop. the market is filled with varieties of chicken coop. Wisely make your decision. There are even portable chicken coops available which encourages high mobility. Given the advantages of owning a chicken coop, one must consider the possibility of possessing it.