10 WordPress Themes for Designers

Once upon a time, website designers had to sit around and code thousands of lines to get the backbone of a website ready. Those were the Dark Ages of website development as the designer and developer hardly ever saw the light of day. Right now, website designing is both fun and fast, thanks to WordPress and its responsive templates.

Around 74.6 million websites are managed by WordPress and around 50% of these websites are hosted free on WordPress.com. WordPress is literally governing the present and the future of website designing in this decade. Of the 1 million leading websites in the world, WordPress manages 5 times more business websites than other websites including portfolio and designer label sites.

Website design agencies like https://www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com/ have chosen WordPress over the years for quite a few reasons. WordPress is easy to use. It has a clean core code. The templates and themes are compatible with new plugins. And most importantly, the designs are very simple, intuitive and attractive. You must remember your website front is like the face of your agency. Since your online clients and customers cannot see your face or interact with you personally, they will judge your services by their user experience. A clean website with an intuitive navigation system always creates a great first impression on your users. This is the prime reason why people keep coming back to WordPress for creating their business websites.

Here, we have compiled 10 of the best creative and intuitive WordPress themes that have been chosen by website designers time and again. Let us see a few of their key features –


Believe it or not, this WordPress theme is absolutely free. This is a responsive theme featuring a very clean and well-organized layout. You can make use of custom icons and interesting call to action features. It also features a noticeable revolution slider that allows you to show off your past projects.


This is a completely customizable theme that allows you to put all your website design projects, experiences and abilities in front of your prospective clients. It has a unique edit feature and you can customize the site without opening multiple windows. It has two versions with varied access – free and a one-time paid download version at $49.00.

New Line

If you are looking for a modern design template then you can go with New Line without any doubts. It includes parallax effects in sections that makes it easy for performing drag and drop customizations on your website. It is extremely easy to edit, use and publish. The highly intuitive design makes navigating the ready website a walk in the park.


Many website designers swear by this free theme. Although it is free, it has more functionalities than many non-WordPress, paid themes. It has a clean visual layout that you can use for a suave portfolio website. This is one of the few templates that places your company contact number in the upper right corner of the website. This drives the visibility up and prompts people to start conversations.

Web Design Agency

The name is quite self-explanatory and this theme uses full screen backgrounds. You can exchange the existing background for images and video integrations. Although it does not come with integrated parallax features, you can include it without much hassle. This theme is very well known for its flexibility and the seamless integration of HTML codes.


This theme won our hearts and a position on this list with its sheer versatility. Hazel has 35 demo versions and 3 editions. It offers a seamless array of layouts with highly responsive, retina ready designs. The main designs are photography induced and you can easily see your design agency emerge on the top with this theme.


With a late Iron Man hang, Jarvis is a WordPress theme with conspicuous parallax design. There are multiple homepage designs that you can check out in the demo. It has a really smooth design with seamless transitions. The choice of typography will pamper any designer. The most noticeable feature of this website is the bold, full-screen slider that can host pictures from your previous projects.


This is a highly flexible and well sought out theme that is beautiful as well as utilitarian. It comes with a visual composer that works towards the easy development of pages. Omega has a one-click installation option that imports all default settings. If you are facing a creative block, you can check out the 100+ samples linked to Omega for a necessary boost.


Why go for multi-page designs when you can create complete websites with just one page? Hypnos makes it possible for all website designers to stay in fashion and at the same time showcase all the information. This website theme features a definitive hierarchy of information that makes it possible for your users to find the right information they are looking for. This one comes with two pre-set versions, light and dark. You can choose from among the 8 premium plugins that are included with every purchase.


This website theme brings design to life with parallax techniques that others are yet to master. This one includes 13 pre-made demos. You can create unlimited designs from the basic theme for your website design company. The design is eclectic and bold. Using this theme needs both courage and reason. It creates an everlasting impact on your users, so be sure to use it the right way.

The choice of themes and templates speaks oodles about your company. Responsiveness and UI are not the only things that determine the quality of user interaction. The website needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well for attracting the user’s attention.

Author Bio: Evans walsh is an experienced web and graphic designer with Las Vegas Web Design Co, an esteemed company in the USA. He creates websites tailor-made to the needs of his clients for business promotion and development.