Benefits of Getting a VPN Trial before purchasing it

Since the horrifying revelations that came forward from the famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, people have started to take their online privacy a bit more seriously. Since then, a large number of the online populace have been well aware regarding the benefits of using a VPN.

What Is A VPN?

VPN is the best tool if you want to keep your online communications private and secure. VPN is basically a network of servers that spread around the globe. VPNs have client software that can be downloaded on multiple devices. Through these applications users can connect to servers of their choice and take advantage of all the features that come with the VPN service.

Major VPN brands provide users with important features which go a long way to increase their online privacy and security. A VPN sends your online communications through encrypted tunnels that restrict outsiders from viewing or stealing your data.

Other than ensuring maximum online security and privacy, VPNs also provide users with online freedom. This means that users can easily connect to any website of their choice, regardless of any censorships in their country, or any geo-blocks in place by websites.

This happens because with a VPN, you can change your IP address from your own location to the one of your choice. Whenever you connect to a server in another country, your IP address immediately changes to the location where that server is located. This means that if you connect to a server in the UK, you can easily access websites and channels available inside that country.

Importance of Trial VPN

Some people opt for free VPN services without realizing the dangers associated with them. You’ll learn more about the dangers associated with free VPN services below.

The best VPN services always come with paid subscriptions. Their pricing depend on the plan you’ve selected. However, before selecting any VPN service and paying the associated subscription fees, it is recommended that you first test them by getting a VPN Trial.

Major VPN brands, including PureVPN, Express VPN, and many others, offer trial VPN to potential users. This allows you to test the VPN service in a thorough manner before committing to it for a longer period of time.

Trial periods of these services differ, but are generally not more than 3 days. During these trial periods, you are assisted by the customer support so you can have your questions regarding the service answered immediately.

You can also check the differences between all VPN brands by using them on trial. This comparison will ensure your satisfaction when you finally choose a VPN service as your preferred choice. We suggest that you start by using this Trial VPN service.

How VPN services differ from each other?

VPNs come in different forms and sizes. Some VPNs offer the best prices. Others have the largest server footprint. Some are good for your online security and anonymity, while others provide you with the best features and speeds so that you can stream or download your favorite content with ease.

The following are some major differences between VPN brands:


The best VPN services provide important features for your security and anonymity. These offer encrypted protocols as well as other important features like DDoS protection, anti-malware, split-tunneling and Internet Kill Switch.

Server Network

A large server footprint is important for those who want complete online freedom. It ensures that users can virtually travel anywhere by connecting their IP address to another location. This gives them access to any website or channel that is available in that country.

Good Speeds

Those who love online streaming would look for a VPN that offers fastest speeds to the user. VPN speeds depend on two factors, namely servers and the connectivity protocol.

You’ll enjoy fastest VPN speeds if the server you’re connected to is optimized by the VPN service. Optimized servers hardly ever lag. They’ll have the right number of users connected to the server, which ensures that all who are connected receive the fastest speeds.

Connectivity protocols also determine your VPN speeds. For example, encrypted protocols are good for your online security but they eat up your VPN speeds. For fastest speeds, it is necessary that you have the option to connect with unencrypted protocols.

Platform Support

If you want to ensure that your device remain safe and protected online, it is necessary that you check if the VPN service you’re using provides you with an app for that platform. Otherwise, what would be the point of having a VPN subscription if you can’t connect that service to the device you’re using.

Major VPN brands are generally available on all platforms. Not only do these have apps on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac, but they work on consoles of all kinds, including gaming consoles, as well on routers and other internet connected devices.


While most VPN services are available for a fee, some also come free of cost. These VPN services can be dangerous for your online privacy and security. Not only do these provide little or no features, but there is a risk that they may use your private data for their own monetary gains.

It is not uncommon for free VPN services to sell user-data to marketing and surveillance agencies, so that it is either used to create personalized ads, or keep tabs of your personality.

Which is why we always recommend paid VPN services. Not only are their revenue models healthy for your online privacy, but you’ll also receive better features and customer support while using these services.


VPN services differ from one another. Whatever choice you make will have a huge impact over your browsing activities. This is why I suggest that you perform lots of research before choosing a VPN service that fits your browsing needs. And for that, you’ll need a VPN Trial.