Alexander Petraglia Shares How Technology Makes It Easier For Attorneys to Win Cases

Over the past several years, Alexander Petraglia has developed the skills required to argue cases successfully and advocate for his clients. That said, he also knows that technology has given him the tools he needs to get his job done more efficiently and get better results. Here are just some ways that attorneys, legal support staff, and those representing themselves can use technology to win their cases.

Tech Brings Access to News And Information

Imagine planning a legal strategy and learning that your state legislature has just passed a law that could change the outcome of your case. That happens more often than you think. Good lawyers subscribe to news apps and follow authority news sites to stay on top of current events.

The Research Process Is Automated and Streamlined

Without computers, attorneys would still be poring through case law the old-fashioned way. In fact, cases have been lost simply because an attorney could not access information about a previous case. Today, lawyers can use sites like LexisNexis to find relevant cases in just a few seconds. All they have to do is enter in some keywords. That is imperative in a court system that uses precedents to determine current outcomes.

Cloud Technology Empowers Information Sharing

Thanks to cloud technology, attorneys and their staff members can work on the same case information no matter where they are. When it comes to data security and confidentiality, many lawyers prefer using the cloud to sending files via email that is often unsecured.

Courts Have Gone Online to Enable E-Filing

Every attorney or legal aide has experienced the panic of running paperwork into the courthouse to be filed at the right moment. Searching for legal documents was something that could take up an entire day. Today, many legal forms can be found via the local court’s website, filled out online, and filed electronically. 

Additionally, lawyers can visit the local court or county website to view case records, verify trial dates, and in many cases, locate documents that weren’t available to them before. That is key to meeting deadlines and having the best possible understanding of their fighting case.

Social Media Is a Key Part of the Legal Process

Lawyers can use publicly available social media information as evidence in their efforts to advocate for their clients. They can use it to find proof of inconsistencies in testimony or dispute claims against their clients.

Of course, a reasonable attorney will also warn clients to be careful on social media, as well. Many people aren’t aware that the things they say and do online can be actionable. It’s important to maintain privacy settings and assume that the public can see anything.

Mobile Technology Let’s Lawyers Work Everywhere

For a lawyer, a smartphone is like a Swiss Army Knife. They can use it to take notes, capture voice recordings to rehearse arguments, even scan documents. Thanks to messenger apps, they can keep in contact with their clients and colleagues. 

It’s hard to imagine a successful lawyer who doesn’t make use of technology. The tools available don’t just make life easier for lawyers. They help attorneys like Alexander Petraglia do a better job helping their clients.

About Alexander Petraglia

Mr. Petraglia currently works at Deters Law Office, where he has participated in medical malpractice trials, class action suits, and successful wrongful injury settlements. He is devoted to fiercely protecting his clients’ health, wealth, and liberty.