Nine New Outstanding Sites added to UNESCO World Heritage List

UNESCO has announced more than a dozen World Heritage Sites this year.

This year’s entries include an ancient Chinese port city, an iconic boulevard in Spain, an eight-century-old Indian temple, an archeological site in Turkey that dates back more than seven thousand years.

The selection puts China near the top of the list of countries with the most World Heritage sites — right after Italy, which was granted another World Heritage site this year for a series of 14th century frescos in Padua.

Other new sites include the Korean Tidal Flats, the mountainous Kaeng Krachan forest in Thailand, and the Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands that lie along the Black Sea in western Georgia, the last remains of a landscape belt that stretched across Eurasia nearly ten million years ago.

In Iran, the Trans-Iranian Railway, which started construction in 1929, linking the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, has been recognized in 1929.

The Dutch Water Line is a 17th-century defenses against flooding that has now been elevated to World Heritage status.

In India, Telangana’s beautifully decorated Ramappa Temple dates back to the 13th century and is thought to have taken 40 years to complete

UN News

Outstanding sites�added to�UNESCO�World Heritage�List�

An ancient temple in India and�a ?cultural landscape? in Spain�have become�two of the�latest�sites�to�be�registered on the UN?s prestigious�World Heritage List.�

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Smithsonian Magazine

Nine New Sites, From Chinese Port City to Saudi Rock Art Complex, Join Unesco World Heritage List

Other honorees include a group of European spa towns, a 13th-century Hindu temple and a lighthouse in France

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The Star

China?s Maritime Silk Road port city Quanzhou wins World Heritage listing

Unesco decision recognises Quanzhou in southeastern China as the ?emporium of the world? in the Song and Yuan dynastiesThe listing brings the country?s World Heritage Sites to 56, one fewer than top-ranked Italy

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Eleven European spa towns honoured by UNESCO

Towns from Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Czechia got together to seek joint recognition.

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Daily Sabah

UNESCO adds 6000-year-old ‘Lion Hill’ in Turkey’s Malatya to list

The archaeological site of Arslantepe in Turkey’s eastern Malatya province has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, becoming the…

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