A website design company which makes effective website – what is it?

Do you know how to make an effective website? Do you know whether your website design is effective or not? Beauty will save the world, but it is not the only factor that a good website design company is focused on! I have collected the-four-tip list on how to make effective websites (which may finally turn into a cool book or a TV program, if any nice professional agency wants to take care of this). This article is the best way to understand the “life” of a small Internet project and perform your own website development strategy. If a website reflects all four features in its design, the success of your business is simply inevitable!

Ideas of what makes a good website design.

Let’s start from considering what a good website is. Psychologists have proven that within the first 6 seconds your brain forms its opinion no matter what you are observing: a person or a website. Your main goal is to make your viewer get an enjoyable attitude towards your website while not getting in their way. If your site is not very attractive or it may seem spammy, I bet the client will immediately leave your landing page. You also may lose your rankings in Google! This tricky guy can notice your poor traffic and move you further from the top. Not each website design company is able to create a truly good web design. Our Direct Line Development designers can!

To have an attractive design, choose a good website design company

Naturally, your web site must be attractive to the visitor. Let’s talk about what makes a good website design. When was the last time you entered a professionally made attractive landing page? Hard to remember, isn’t it? Quality of the main page improves credibility of the website among visitors. To design a high-quality page is an uneasy task which takes a lot of time and energy. Modern web design is based on several important principles. For instance, accentuation and contrast are what makes a good website design. All you need is…love and convenience of perception. The more attention you pay to these features, the more appealing your web design shall eventually turn out.

Accentuation is what makes a good business website and one of important things which you have to follow. “The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – in his legendary quote Giorgio Armani meant a sense of harmony we get while viewing a truly stylish looking person. The same goes to website design. What makes a website good is its uniqueness. Style is not identical to fashion, and in some cases these two concepts may be in conflict. Fashionable website design, in fact, is a kind of seasonal art. However, a stylish website is a way of reflecting the inner world of a company, its one and only “personality”, expressed in nice icons and tiny. Accent emphasizes the importance of a particular element. Note that you should avoid accenting everything at once: better decide in advance what elements will have a visual priority and inform your website design company about it.

Contrasting is another what makes a business website good point. Have you ever tasted a hot delicious-looking caramel cheesecake with a salty topping on it? Once you have, you will never forget! The same is true for a good website design for a business or an e-commerce site. Contrasting is the visual differentiation of two or more elements as they appear clear and distinct. There are many characteristics of design elements that can be focused on to achieve the demanded degree of contrast of elements, including type, size, and thickness of the font as well as location. Avoiding commonness in appearance gives a firm visual example of what makes a website good.

The internet offers you plenty of opportunities today. Try to use all of them! A 21st century person is lazy and curious; therefore, a video is extremely beneficial. It will tell you the same story as the text does, but it makes it more visual and attractive. An important detail is that these images must be unique, otherwise Google and your users would also notice it. If you want to stand out among the visitors – contact our professionals!

Rules make a truly effective website: how does a website design company make a user-friendly interface?

Imagine that you have arrived into an unfamiliar country. What would help you to feel more confident? Language skills? A city map? Locals, who could gently help you in case you get lost? All of them! Interface also serves as a bridge between the user and the machine. Communication is the best way to create a healthy long-term relationship. What happens when it fails? Exactly, the potential client abandons your site. What does a good website design company do is it creates a mutual understanding between the User and the web site owner. After the initial perception of a website has being achieved, users begin to explore its interface. As they still are foreigners on your website, make sure your website it is clear and friendly. In accordance with the Online Marketing Institute investigation results; 85% of visitors leave a web site if they simply don’t like the interface design.

I have distilled several easy tips which can help you to enhance the visitor’s attitude towards your website. Ready? A good interface should be:

  • Clear. The interface has to be understandable for a majority of visitors. When getting difficulties, after a few seconds of a random buttons clicking they would leave the resource forever with disappointment. What a clear interface is? This feature explains what makes a good e-commerce website. Its elements should be built according to the principles of elementary logic. Do not try to create a nonstandard interface – it will be rather annoying to the user.
  • Predictable. Yes, in the majority of situations predictability may sound boring but not in regard of a website! The user should immediately understand each element on the screen: if it looks like a menu, it should behave as a menu; if it looks like a scroll bar, it should scroll!
  • Attractive. Predictability is good, but each visitor would enjoy dealing with a beautiful interface. Also make sure you are aware of “a subjective beauty” notion. Follow your target audience characteristic and its needs only. Beautiful design is also what makes good e-commerce websites.
  • Provided with a short registration form. Do not torture users with a long list of questions to fill in their entire biography. People usually avoid registering and even refuse to buy from an online store, if this requires mandatory and annoying organizational processes. In order to prevent visitors from feeling allergic about registration, you should provide them with the simplest form possible.
  • Speak your users’ language. Communication is the currency of marketing, so in order to sell your service or goods, note that the entire text and all elements of the interface should be created for the target audience of your website. If you are specializing in kids’ toys or trainings for preschool children, then your interface text should be provided with a kids language.
  • Stay loyal to users’ errors. Even if you have followed all good-interface-rules, your viewers may not be able to understand your interface layout immediately. As toddlers make their first steps and fall down, they also may perform inaccurate actions, so you should guide them gently through your website interface and also help to get errors quickly corrected.
  • Give gentle tips. Pop-up prompts appearing on your screen may be very helpful as they usually befriend the visitor to fully understand what heshe could not figure out themselves. In order to make such tips effective and not aggravating do not write too much text in them; connect prompts only to those buttons where the user may have actual difficulties and enable prompts to get closed or completely turned off if it is needed.

While developing a user-friendly interface, try to perform the following: ask a friend to open your site (on a PC, tablet and phone) and give them a simple task, for example find the cost of a particular product or to search your corporate working hours on Sundays. Would your friend be able to perform the task easily? If you conduct such an experiment with 4-5 friends individually, you could easily identify the weaknesses of your site. This is an especially helpful trick!

Rules make truly effective website: how to build content

Like in a video game, visitors pass from one round to another: first, they open your site and observe a well-themed design which makes your website credible source of information. Second, they pass further into what it offers due to a great user-friendly interface. Three: here comes the content! It includes not only texts but also photos, tables, galleries, videos, audio clips etc. Some businessmen believe they don’t need any help with the content of their site as they search for their website information on the Internet but it means it has already being used by someone else. A good website design company would definitely ask you: “Do you need second-hand content?”

There are three characteristics to classify content:

  • Uniqueness. Content is either unique or not: the first type is an authoring one which has never been published on the web and not being indexed, the second type is already available in the database on the Internet.
  • Submission of the information: in text, graphics, audio and video files forms;
  • Availability. It can require payment or be free.

As a website design company, we believe that the traffic of your website depends on the quality and uniqueness of the content: high quality guarantees great traffic but a set of inexplicit terms and lack of a logical connection leads to failure. Remember that content is the foundation of your progress, so make sure you use the following tips to write the best one for your company website:

How to make an effective website? First, create different content what makes a good website posts formats:

  • A post containing quotes. Quotes are very popular among the social media community. And it is absolutely free to get them!
  • An entertaining post. It is being used to raise the audience’s mood. Mind the limits, and entertainment posts will fit successfully into your marketing strategy. While creating a funny post, keep following an overall concept of your company.
  • An “evergreen” post. That type of text has an amazing feature of not losing their relevance over time as it contains universal truths, without reference to time. Check this out: “How to blog if you do not know how to be a good copywriter?”
  • An interview post. It reflects the third party’s opinion, and you can use interviews with famous, powerful people to gain the interest of your users – you have all chances to get to know the leading experts within your industry!

Second, publish your materials regularly at the same time: you will develop a habit of your audience to attend your website regularly. Write about what you are really competent at. Each of your text materials should have following elements: a strong headline, a short intriguing lead and quality images with strong or witty captions. These will make your post more appealing and visually rich. You should also mind the semantic uniqueness: you must always bring something new to the Internet: a fresh approach or a peculiar point of view.

In order for your website or business start to work actively it will take some time. Keep in mind that Direct Line Development presents a unique, quality, and informative content! So, don’t wait for your Fairy Godmother’s word to come true, call us!

Rules make truly effective website: visitors

Let’s have a look at what we have now. What a creative and great looking website is! What a useful and smart content is! Check, how easily the user can access any information due to your wise attention to their needs! Now everything is ready for receiving guests but in order to be a truly appealing website we have to attract relevant traffic that is full of potential clients. As an experienced website design company we know that a key audience must be targeted according to bunch of factors that makes them likely to buy your product. Visitors are one of the main parts of your company website development.

Business tips on how to increase traffic to your site:

  • Develop your websites in accordance to the Google standards.
  • Make your web developers take into account multiple SEO principles.
  • Social media networking can also be an affordable method of driving traffic to your website. Tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, and answer questions on Quora. All of these will help you to drive traffic if you leave links to your site, of course!
  • Post from 5 to 10 useful articles. If the material is really unique (personal experience, insights, etc.) – then this is generally a jackpot. Provocative articles work excellent, involving the reader in the discussion.
  • Write annotations. Promote intrigue; promise free benefit. Make not too short or too long announcement, somewhat of 500 – 1000 characters will be great.

Our professionals respond to questions and lead discussions through the web service Disqus. Our accounts in different social networks will be happy to help you to improve website promotion. We also actively maintain an account on Instagram.

How to make a good website: conclusions

If you follow the tips given in this article, they would lead you to your website inevitable success! Here at Direct Line Development we make websites that fit all of these criteria, so we can confidently say that we are adept at creating effective websites for our clients. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible!