8 things that you must know about ITIL certification training course.

Science and technology is advancing very rapidly in every step of its way. This has given rise to the growing demand for online services and technology based facilities to help us do our jobs. That’s why more and more new job opportunities are opening up in the IT space with bigger team and a lot of responsibilities. The need for standard practices and processes is increasing in order to keep work under control. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, popularly known as ITIL outlines such IT practices.

Here is a list of 8 important things that you might not have known about ITIL Foundation and its certification training course:

1. ITIL is a comprehensive qualification course.

The Foundation level is the first level among all of the ITIL certificates. It is a renowned qualification in its own right. It is not mandatory to take up every level. You can go for other levels only if you feel it matches your career needs. The ITIL Certification Foundation course is going to be the complete qualification that you need.

2. ITIL course is a pre-requisite for most IT jobs.

Nowadays, almost all entry level IT professions require qualification in a prominent and relevant certification course. This is to test your level of competence to check both your working skills and also your preparation to cope with the IT environment. ITIL Foundation is the perfect solution for that. This certification training program will enhance your qualification in the current market.

3. ITIL course can be modified as per your need.

You have the flexibility to select which skills and knowledge you want to learn. The course can be completely customised as per the requirements of your organization.

4. There is no membership required in ITIL course.

You do not have to get associated with any membership body of the ITIL Foundation to take this course. No membership is involved with the ITIL qualifications either. There is no need to pay any membership fees. You have to find out what your company recommends.

5. ITIL is an online course.

In case you are wondering how you will find time to appear for the ITIL certification training classes, then you must know that ITIL Foundation courses are online. You will not need to go to any classrooms for it. This training course is designed exceptionally well as an online learning course.

6. ITIL course is suitable for all IT jobs.

The ITIL Foundation course is not only suited for people who work in service management but it is also relevant for all kinds of roles in the IT sector. Whatever role you have in IT, this certification course is a great way to develop your skills, priorities and knowledge.

7. Exam duration is 1 hour.

Unlike other professional qualification exams, you will not have to sit and write long answers to essay-based questions. The ITIL exam is only for 60 minutes where you have to answer 40 multiple choice questions.

8. ITIL Foundation course is the first step.

The ITIL Foundation course will teach you the basics, such as terminology, primary concepts and key elements of running the IT service organization. This level is the perfect foundation that gives you a general synopsis and awareness of the IT roles effectively. It is followed by the Practitioner level, the Intermediate level, the Expert level and finally the Master level.

The ITIL course comprises of 5 volumes that constitutes all the roles and functions of the IT division. Right from understanding what the customer needs to taking care of big infrastructure enhancements. It also covers the details about configuration management, vendor management, etc.