7 Ways to Preserve Your Jewelry Collection

A jewelry collection is basically just a lot of jewelry pieces that share a common feature; it could be the manufacturer, the material, etc. Owning a jewelry collection is pretty difficult because as much as they might share something in common, they will also have a few differences. However, here are 7 ways that will work in preserving any collection that you might have:

Ask questions

When you get a jewelry collection from your jewelry retailer, make sure to ask the appropriate questions. This can go a long way on helping you know what t do and what not to do.

Avoid contact with water

The pieces of jewelry in your collection have to be preserved carefully so as not to come in contact with water.

This is why

When a piece comes in constant contact with water, it is possible for it to get corroded easily. When you keep it with other pieces in the same place, it can make the others corrode as well. It’s kind of like dominoes, so you really need to take great care. When you’re going to have to touch water, remove your jewelry. If you can’t, make sure it clean it afterwards.

Wear your costume jewelry occasionally

Every now and then, it’s important that you give your costume jewelry a little break. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear fashion jewelry every single day. Therefore, if you continue to wear the same jewelry pieces on a daily basis, discoloration will come pretty quickly. If you’re looking to preserve the life of the pieces in your jewelry collection, make sure to change them as often as you can by varying your outfits as well. You can also get a few identical pieces so you can easily alternate them

Remove your costume jewelry when you have no use to wear it

If you have a collection consisting of costume jewelry, this is also pretty important. While it’s important for you not to wear a single piece every day, you should also make sure to put them off when you’re done. You don’t need to wear jewelry at home, so when you get home, make sure to put it off. Also, make sure that you never sleep with your jewelry on, especially since it is a good way for you to damage or break it. The same applies for when you have to go for a run or you’re performing any exercise routine.

Always clean your fashion jewelry after wearing

Another simple way for you to keep the quality of your fashion collection is for you to sure that your jewelry pieces look as best as they can for as long as possible. One of the ways to do this is for you to clean them after each use. This step might seem a bit arduous, but it’s actually very useful if you’re looking to preserve many pieces in your collection. While wearing your ring, bracelet, necklace, etc, it is not impossible that a little soap, oil or perfume might have accidentally gotten on your skin. This is why you should clean them, or at the very least, wipe them down with a soft piece of clothing so as to remove any product residues and sweat that can cause oxidation. Make sure to avoid cleaners that might contain acid, alcohol, or vinegar as they can also cause damage to your jewelry

Store your fashion jewelry carefully

When it comes to storing jewelry, everyone has tastes and habits that they are used to. However, it is important that you store your collection in a way that will prevent tarnishing or any damage. Make sure to store them in a jewelry box or somewhere that has enough space to accommodate all of them. That way, you’ll be preventing any tangling, damage, or corrosion. If you have fashion necklaces, you should make them hang vertically on hooks and you should make sure that the pieces of costume jewelry should not be in contact with one another. If you don’t have a large jewelry box, you’re free to choose another system.

Avoid coating your jewelry

Some people prefer to coat their fashion jewelry with a wide array of products, but we might not recommend this. Coating has the ability to change the appearance and color of your jewelry. Also, since it will eventually come off, why do it? Peeling off of a coating can cause your costume jewelry to chip.