7 Creative Tips to Build Feature-rich Websites

Nowadays, websites can’t be just boring old websites. They have to be exciting and full of content and features that are going to blow the minds of your visitors. However, you should know better than anybody that this is way more easy said than done. It’s much easier to say that you’re going to integrate more videos into your website, but it’s tough to actually figure out how to do that in the best way possible. It’s easy to say that you’re going to make your website super fast for visitors, but what are the steps you have to do take to do that?

That’s why this article is here. Down below, you’re going to find all of the top creative tips that we have to make your website feature-rich. That way, you’re going to be able to gather more visitors to the site and keep them there to buy into your product, service, or to just read some of your great content. Keep reading down below to learn some more!

1. Go for Tons of Rich Content

Of course, we’ve got to talk about content marketing first. If you don’t know what content marketing is, then you had better listen up. This is the #1 tip that you’ve got to follow if you want to get a feature-rich website. Without content on your site that’s going to bring in visitors, there is no way that your website is going to be the success that you want it to be.

You should start off by creating content that’s going to be attractive to your audience. For example, if you’re going to be working to bring in business CEOs, then you should create articles about content creation, running a business, or balancing a budget. These are all pieces of content that your audience members are going to be much more interested in. Make sure to cater your content to your audience and you’re going to find success much easier than otherwise.

2. Make Sure That Your Site Is Responsive

Having a responsive site is more important than ever before. In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google and other search engines are going to index your site higher on their results pages when your site is responsive. If there are links on your site that don’t work or any hyperlinks in your articles that lead nowhere, Google is not going to index your site highly. That’s part of Google’s efforts to give those people searching a much better experience and lead them to sites that are high-quality. Make sure that you go through all of the links in your site and ensure everything is working to index highly on Google and to have a feature-rich website that actually works. You don’t need a degree in Java development to make this happen, either.

3. Speed Over Everything Else (Except For Content)

If you’re thinking about the important things to have when building a feature-rich site, then you have to have speed at the top of your list (right below content, of course). Without content, there is no website, after all! However, when it comes to SEO, again, Google is going to be indexing your site much more highly when your site is super speedy and viewers don’t have to wait around. This is a huge part of building a feature-rich website that will keep your visitors around and bring them to buy your product, service, or just subscribe to your site.

4. Try Out a Content Management System

No matter what you do, you should ensure that you are using a high-quality CMS (Content Management System) in order to build a feature-rich site. No matter whether you choose WordPress or another CMS, this is going to give you the opportunity to add in plugins, install new features, and bring your website to the next level in terms of features. All of this is going to ensure that your visitors have the best time on your site and they stick around for the long haul.

5. Make Sure That Your Navigation Is Perfect

A big part of having a feature-rich website is ensuring that your visitors can easily get around your website. If a visitor has to search around for more minutes than they need to in order to find how to buy your product, that’s no good. Make sure that you test out your website or have someone else test it out to ensure it’s easy to navigate. This is going to keep your visitors on your site for much longer and ensure they have a great experience while they’re there.

6. Social Media Integration Is Key to Success

A feature-rich website is nothing without having social media integrations in there. You should have plenty of spaces throughout your website where visitors can get to your social media sites, interact with your content there, and see what you have to offer. This is going to include adding your social media links at the top of your site, at the bottom of your site, at the bottom of articles so they can share them, and everywhere else you can think of!

7. Videos Are a Great Way to Engage

And lastly, a great option for making your website super feature-rich is by having videos integrated into it. We all know those sites that we love that have videos playing as soon as you get onto the site. And they’re not just those annoying advertisement videos! They are high-quality videos that show off the product or service the site is trying to sell. This is a great way to bring in more visitors, keep their interest, and ensure they buy your product or service at the end. Think about how you can integrate videos into your site and you’re going to be happy that you did!

Each of these points are going to help ensure that your site is rich with tons of features that will keep your visitors around for longer. Because why would anyone want to stick around on a site that’s boring or that they can’t navigate through?