6 Useful Tips to create an HTML Email

Everyone wants to be able to send great and relevant content to all their subscribers. Sanding can be pretty easy. The big question – Will my subscribers read my content without being bored or ignoring important detail, while taking appropriate action? Here are some quick tips to get you started on creating good HTML Emails and this would also help you choose a good HTML email creator anytime,

1) Define HTML Attributes

In order for your text and images to be displayed correctly, you would really want to define the correct width and height for each of the tags for which content is to be displayed. This will ensure that you are covered anytime the email is read and your information will be displayed as you want. All your stylesheets should be defined directly in your HTML tags.lt makes sure the email loads faster.

2) Make use of Unformatted Text

Many at times, you take the pains of sending emails to your subscribers, not knowing they never receive the content- It came to their inboxes as empty pages This is usually caused by some filters or in some cases, the email clients themselves can be set to block. Including a plain text email version ensures that the content gets to the intended user undisturbed.

3) Put content within 550-600px width

Doing this is very important as people find is absolutely frustrating to scroll from up to down and then having to scroll from left to right.lt makes them tired when they haven’t read anywhere far down the content You don’t want this

4) Cool call to action

Being clear just at the beginning of the email with a very attractive CTA can help your users to get a clear picture of what they are about to read and get them to click almost immediately.lt would also suffice to put the CTA just at the top and at the bottom, just so users don’t get tired of scrolling back and forth Your CTA should also be large and clear, and it should be responsive since most users would likely be reading from mobile devices A nice HTML email creator can already have this in place. It may help not to reme it.

5) Just Use HTML Fonts

Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, etc are the normal or web safe fonts of HTML. They should be used because all web fonts which can be embedded into HTML externally have the possibility of never getting to your recipient’s email for now safe.

6) Intuitive Layout

Remember you have at your disposal just a few pixels. Therefore, how you arrange your information is key. Separating this data into columns is wise. There should not be more than three in number. Your images should go left and the text must fall on the right. Some (or most) users are attracted to images more than they are to text. Reading gets difficult at times. You can use nested tables for a good layout and define the attributes always. Html email creators come with great layouts. Choosing one which implements all tips will be great.