Critical components of Inbound Marketing

Over the last decade, the significance of inbound marketing has captured the organizational marketing strategies. Although there is a functional difference between digital marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. But, I guess with time all these difference have merged to somewhat making them hypothetically synonym for each other.

But here I will tell you what precisely inbound marketing is made of, or you can say the core of inbound marketing.

For a practical business or business marketing strategy these six components are a must to understand.

1- SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Good content is a must. It’s something that grabs the first attention of the user. Information is the key, if your website fails to provide the required information a user is looking in first two paragraphs of the content, you lose it.

Another important aspect is that now smartphones are used more than laptops. So if you do not invest in an exceptionally great mobile marketing strategy, you end up on a losing side.

The keyword is not the primarily focused area any longer. You got to deliver a superb overall experience. It includes factors like quality of information, visual content and information security.

2- Web Design

Remember it takes only 3 seconds to a website page to load. If your web page is taking anywhere longer, you are losing almost 40% of your visitors. Most Important of all, your web design doesn’t have to be very innovative or new, it should be straightforward in navigating, convenient to use and must return results fast.

You must remember to use a very responsive web design, optimise accessibility of your website, provide informative and valuable content as against your competitors to ensure a well-integrated web design.

3- Content Marketing

You will be surprised to know that marketers who blog regularly get 13 times better Return on Investment than their competitors. Now a days, B2B inbound marketing revolves around branded content, especially when catering to social media. Use of effective content marketing with following strategies and focus points is advice:

  • Try giving different formats
  • Focus on brand
  • Content open to discussions
  • Facing the problems face to face

4- Lead Generation

Lead generation aims at offering values and guiding prospective targets into becoming customers. One of the basics is to capture sufficient volume of leads. The organization can use in-person interviews, or surveys to determine leads.

5- Social media

Social media is a rage for effective inbound B2B marketing. Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are proving to be most significant assets in attracting, communicating and retaining right customers. Efforts made through SEO, content, and branding are all enhanced with the use of right social media support.

6- Lead management

There are three major components of lead management

  • Lead scoring
  • Customer education
  • Sales handoffs

A well-structured lead management program provides following benefits

  • Controlling education and comparisons points along a buyer’s journey
  • Allows adjusting sales communication and marketing according to target’s behavior
  • Grants permission for open dialogue with the targeted audience.

When these six critical component are used in a harmonious mix they will provide an organization with an efficient and fruitful inbound marketing. Only a good inbound marketing company can help you formulate the best inbound technique for your company. So do not forget to get the help of the best agency around you.