6 Tips on How to Increase your YouTube Subscribers Easily

For whatever reason you have a YouTube channel, you get rewarded for your efforts when you see your channel getting more and more subscribers, doesn’t it?

Here are a few helpful tricks and tips to help you grow your YouTube subscribers quickly. Number 6 is the easiest.

Use clickbait video thumbnails: 

Now I understand the gravity of this point I just mentioned; the good thing is, if used correctly, it would yield a lot of willing viewers, which then translates to more subscribers. 

I should emphasize that using a wrong clickbait thumbnail would lead to the reverse. That is even if you had a couple of subscribers, they would be tempted to leave. 

An example of a wrong thumbnail would be putting two prods in a banana and showing a lit bulb. Except you have a genius-ly found a way of making the banana burp out electricity, you would have just misled people.

Responding to comments: 

It baffles me how some YouTubers struggle and go through all the hassles to gather subscribers, and not find time to answer the questions and comments in their comment section.

It’s like having guests walk into your restaurant and leave them standing; it doesn’t add up. With how busy Neil Patel is (he is the owner of Ubersuggest, and he also owns a thriving YouTube channel), he still answers to the questions and comments in the comment section of all his videos.

Now I don’t know if he is the one personally answering the questions there, but at least, he’s viewers and subscribers are well serviced. 

Some YouTubers have done so well with this technique that the commenters in their comments section have formed some sort of a mini-community who are loyal to them. 

That said, you should respond to the questions and comments in your comments section of all your videos, try to interact and heart the comments of others. 

Do giveaways: 

This might seem like a lot for some people, but if you have the capacity to do this, it does pay out eventually. I am very likely to tell someone of a YouTube channel if I win a giveaway on that channel, it’s not me being cheap, it’s the power of ‘Free.’

Plus, just so I do not miss out on the chance to win more giveaways in the future, I would definitely become a subscriber and turn on post notifications.

Create good content: 

Well, this is obvious, isn’t it? If the content you post is not relevant, educating or entertaining, it might be hard to get people to become committed to your channel enough for them to want to subscribe.

Would you want to subscribe to a channel that offers you no value for time spent, or should I say wasted?

Post content periodically: 

This might seem daunting to some people, but a rule of thumb is this; before you start your YouTube channel, write out a list of at least 50 to 100 topic ideas that you could make a video on. 

That said, if you have already started your YouTube channel, it’s not too late to do this. Compile a list of ideas you can use for your videos. That way, you don’t run out and then post them often.

Buy subscribers: 

This point is about the easiest and the most essential. The reason is this; it is tough for someone neutral to subscribe to a channel with zero subscribers. I am not sure I want to walk into a store that always has no-one but the cashier. You might call it a bandwagon effect.

However, buying YouTube subscribers does not replace the need for organic subscribers, but it is a massive tool for making people subscribe. 

It motivates viewers to subscribe, but the danger is this; you must buy from a legitimate website that has done similar for others. If not, you run the risk of losing your account when you use fake sites with robotic subscribers.