6 Strategies to Use Pinterest Efficiently for Your Business

Pinterest is one of the most preferred social media sites for referral and is even ahead of many popular sites like Facebook when it comes to the generation of ideas. The people who mainly visit Pinterest are people looking for some new inspiration and are also the ones who are most likely to buy a new product. Therefore, business owners who need to promote their products and also find new clients then Pinterest is the perfect tool for you. To help you out, here are some strategies to use Pinterest efficiently:

1. Create a Business Profile

Pinterest has a business profile for people who want to promote their products on Pinterest and this is what you should choose because it comes with additional tools that can help you promote your products more. To create a profile, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the business page of Pinterest and create a business profile by entering your email, business name, password and website. You can also choose what category your business belongs to: private, charitable organization etc.
  • Create the account after reviewing the privacy policy.

When you have a business account, you can do more with Pinterest.

2. Post Your Pins Smartly

Timing is one of the cornerstones for posting pins and therefore you need to consider what to post and when to post. It has been found that different topics have a varying performance on different weekdays. This may sound strange but it is true that searches for inspiration quotes are more on Monday then as compared to any other day like Thursday. Once you figure out the different posting strategies on different days, you can schedule your pins accordingly to gain more views. As a tip, try to post more on weekends like Saturdays as people are more likely to log on then.

3. Monitor How Your Pins Perform

One of the important aspect of using Pinterest as a marketing tool is to monitor how well your pins are performing. Pinterest has an inbuilt tool in the business profile to help you do exactly that! This way you can monitor the performance of your pins and post accordingly in the future. The way your pins perform also can help you understand what type of content your audience wants from your Pinterest page. So, this way you can sort, filter and export the data you have according after measuring how your pins perform. This will help you save time and also help you post the content that matters

4. Connect Pinterest to Other Social Media Accounts

Pinterest has an option that enables you to connect your Pinterest data with all your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Therefore, this way you can even reach out to people who are not on Pinterest. You can also control everything from one common dashboard. The downloadable Pin Button can be used to discover and post new content directly on your Pinterest board from anywhere on the internet.

5. Be Consistent When You Share Your Pins

When you share pins, be consistent in both posting and sharing to gain a substantial Pinterest following. You need to share your pins at various hours of the day and also time the things you share accordingly. This can lead to more exposure at peak hours and can lead to more people repining your content.

6. Schedule Your Pins

A new feature enables users to sort and schedule their pins beforehand. This way you can save time and not wait for specific hours to post your content. While scheduling, check what kind of pins are popular at a certain time. For example, most fashion pins are repined after 3 pm (EST) according to a popular survey.

The above were some strategies that can help you use Pinterest more efficiently and we hope you will implement the things stated above.