6 SEO Link Building Tips You Need to Know In 2019

There is no greater secret to improved SEO ranking than building links. If you look at the top-ranking sites today, they must be using dozens of backlinks. According to Premier SEO Ninjas Top SEO Consultants, links give your web pages the context and authority to impose themselves on Google. If you consider two sites, one with 10,000 links and another with 1,000 links, Google will consider the former to be more authoritative than the latter (not always it depends more importantly on the quality of the links). In this case, the page with 10,000 links will enjoy a higher ranking than that with 1,000 links.

But there is a major twist: every website owner is looking for links. So, how do you get them? You are not the only person who is asking this question as there are so many marketers with the same concern. Whether you enjoy doing it or not, link building is a crucial element when it comes to improving your organic traffic. You have to campaign for them even if they are hard to come by. It requires you to get creative and invest more time online.

Here are 6 tips that you need to be aware of when you are looking to build the links:

1. Consider Content Listing

Most online searchers look for product lists. They want to know which products or services are the best and why. Often, you’ll see the site visitor using words like “the best A and B” or “the top A and B.” This is because they want not just any content but curated content. If you search for the words “supplement blogs” online, for example, you’ll be provided with a range of search results. Some may be relevant to what you want and others quite irrelevant. However, if you search for words “best supplement blogs” or “top supplement blogs” online, chances are higher that you’ll get curated lists even if you didn’t involve the term “list” in your search. So, listing your content may the best way to have your blogs curated.

2. Try Guest Blogging

Ideally, it’s good to write blogs on your site. Nonetheless, it’s greater when you write for other sites and include backlinks that will direct traffic to your site. Besides, guest blogging allows you to access a wide audience available on established sites. It provides you with the chance to announce yourself as a market leader. According to experts, guest blogging is more like free promotions. You are offering informative content to other sites and in return, you enjoy valuable links. In the end, both of you stand to benefit from the association. You just need to ensure that your content is high-quality and consider writing for high-profile platforms.

3. Offer Testimonials

Is there a set of products or services that your business finds necessary for your day-to-day operations? Why don’t you propose to give a testimonial to the companies? Brands generally like to collect testimonials as they see them as a great way to convince site visitors. As you offer to write a positive review, ask them if you can include links for your site when they publish it. Customers generally like to read feedback before they can buy anything. When they do, they’ll see your link and will follow you. In the long run, this translates to improved traffic.

4. Mention Influencers

Mentioning top experts in the industry may help you build the links that your site needs to drive traffic. Most marketers in the business sector mention people like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Larry Page for a reason. They are entrepreneurial giants, thus very influential. Mentioning them in your blog posts can easily catch their attention and this will allow you to get quality links. Customers generally like insightful content and when you mention the influencers, they become more interested in what you are promoting.

5. Double-Check Social Links

You should target as many social links as possible. However, you have to ensure that you don’t use the wrong links as they may direct traffic to the wrong landing page. To make sure that you get the most from social media, follow these tips:

·   Visit the “About” section on Facebook settings and add confirm your URL.

·   Go to “Contact Info” on LinkedIn and check your backlink.

·   Go to “Channel Settings” on YouTube and double-check your URL.

·   Visit Twitter and check your homepage URL on “Edit Profile” section.

6. Use Infographics

Lastly, you need to include infographics in your content posting. Not all online searchers like to read long blogs. Some prefer to scan infographics in a matter of seconds to get relevant information. Considering that infographics are visually appealing, they are likely to share them and this means more traffic to your Website.

Clearly, there is so much that goes into building links. It’s not easy but it’s worth the effort. The competition is stiff and unless you use the right SEO practices, you may not get the traffic or the page ranking that you want. With the discussed tips, however, you can improve the searching ability of your site and its general performance online.