5 Reasons Why Every Coder Should Know HTML And CSS

Going back to your school days do you remember those computer classes where you were taught how to have your name displayed in a web browser? You used to write a few lines of HTML code and voila there was your name right in the middle of the Internet Explorer screen.

Nowadays, that introduction to HTML and CSS programming you had in your school does have a great value in thecorporate world.Having even the basic knowledge of these two languages of theweb can offer you a great hike in your salary while at the same time offering you an exponential career growth.

If you still aren’t convinced about the benefits of learning this language of theweb, here are top 5 reasons which might convince you regarding the importance of same.

1. Web Becomes Easy to Understand

According to this report, 76% of the world’s websites are coded in HTML. Therefore if you learn the basics of HTML, it will allow you to better comprehend the internet world. You can by yourself optimize pages of your website, can bring more traffic to your page as well as make some basic changes to the code so that it ranks higher in Google results. It isn’t only the coders who benefit from this language. The designers, the marketing specialists even the company owners will acquire a lot of benefits after learning this language of theweb.

2. You Can Work on Variety Of CMS

Content Management System (CMS) have become extremely popularnowadays and amongst them, WordPress is the one which many use. While WordPress is mostly used for dynamic web content there are other CMS such as Jekyll which generate a rather static website. The advantage of a static website is that it offers great load time and hence can be of great use to the people who wish to post the content only once. However, these static CMS such as Jekyll can be designed and coded using classes of HTML and CSS which if combined right can produce the same effect as that offered by any WordPress website. Learning HTML and CSS, therefore, gives you an advantage of trying something new aside from the trends which are already followed in the world.

3. You Can Design Customized Landing Pages

As we mentioned in the previous point, learning HTML and CSS offers you a flexibility to choose the type of website you wish to build. One of the best uses of this language is to build customized landing web pages which are relevant to the target audience you wish to engage This act of personalizing or adding a customized landing page allows your audiences to connect with your instantly while at the same time gives you the benefit of adding any disclaimer or notice which you want your audience to read before entering the website.

While this landing page can also be made by some other professional, learning the two basic web languages helps you save costs of same.

4. You Can Easily Understand and Adopt Some Other Websites Design

You can yourself add a feature of any website you love within your web page by simply right clicking on any the web page with the design and the selecting view source from the options shown. But in order to understand the code shown in the Html Editor, you will require knowledge of basic HTML and CSS, only after which you will be able to figure out which section of the code presents the feature you love.

5. Builds Confidence and Might Offer You a New Career

Learning HTML and CSS may seem like a boring task in the start, however, as you start becoming familiar with the amazing features it offers you will become addicted to same. You also will be able to better monitor the work your web development team or your designer is doing and will also be able to guide them through same. Who knows, if things pave out well you may even become one of the best web designers the world has ever seen.

So these were the 5 benefits of learning HTML and CSS which prove that this language is far more than the language of theweb, rather it is the language which will define the future to come.