5 Online Tools for Growing Your Web Design Company

The goal of every web designer is not just to see their career take off but to build it into something more rewarding on both personal and financial level. To do this, you do not just hone your web design skills but also sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. On top of that, you need to have the tools to put your plans to work.

When choosing your tools, you need to find the right ones so you can produce exceptional results. Finding these tools is not difficult, all you need to do is determine whether they meet the needs or address the pain points you have.

The following apps and tools are five of the most useful we have found on the World Wide Web. Check them out and see how you can use them to leverage your skills and services.

1. Hero WordPress FAQ Plugin

FAQs do not just provide solutions for your customers or answer queries. They can also give you more insights about your customers. Then, you can turn this wealth of information to provide personalized service or improve your products and services.

When it comes to responsive and dynamic FAQ plugins, the Hero WordPress FAQ plugin is a cut above the rest. Its intuitive drag & drop interface allows you to easily create frequently asked questions page with just a click.

Other features include the Visual Editor, FAQ configurator, and many FAQ styles and icons. The Visual Editor allows you to create FAQs that are content rich and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It also allows you to see how your FAQ page looks like even while you’re still creating it.

The FAQ configurator, on the other hand, allows you to configure the pre-defined style you chose and customized it to your preferences. What more, all the styles are fully responsive and fit on any device.

2. Apptivo Project Management App

Looking for the project management tool that boosts your efficiency and productivity more and more? Apptivo is considered the best project management tool because it combines all your apps in one place.

The first advantage you can have from this tool is a longer battery life because you are just choosing one big app instead of multiple ones. With Apptivo, you can create colorful Gantt charts, reports, invoices, campaigns, and timesheets with just one snap.

Do you have a remote team? The Apptivo project management tool allows you to manage your team anytime anywhere, even while you are on a train to work. Most of all, you can fully integrate it with the G Suite and Microsoft apps.

3. 4K Stogram

If you have been an Instagram user for a long time and regularly posts on this social media platform on a regular basis, you might have uploaded hundreds of videos and photos already. These represent precious memories in your life, memories you would like to look at again and again. More so, you can also use these videos and images for your web design projects.

What if they get deleted or hacked? There go all those precious memories. But why wait for such thing to happen?

You can download Instagram photos and videos straight to your Mac or PC, so you always have a backup in case something went wrong. With all your Instagram media on your phone or computer, you can access them offline anytime.

4K Stogram even allows you to download photos and videos even from private accounts. If you want to download a specific media file, you can use a hashtag or other related keywords, and the tool will take you straight to that photo or video you’re looking for.

4. Deposit Photos

Are you looking for a unique vector image, photo, or video for your upcoming project? Creating an account and paying a low-cost subscription plan gives you access to millions of high-definition royalty-free pictures and videos. This image repository keeps on growing as new images are added regularly on a weekly basis.

Looking for a specific or completely different photo is not difficult because you can use many categories to find what you are looking for. The website is also available in different languages making it easy for non-English speakers to use the site.

The prices of their subscription plans range between $9.99 (Flexible plan) and $299 (On Demand plan). The Flexible Plan, as the name suggests, is perfect for those who are looking for a few images. By registering to this plan, you get ten high resolution and vector images every month. On the other hand, the On Demand Plan allows you to download 100 photos, vector images, and videos.

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem ipsum is more than just a jumble of Latin-like phrases you put on a new website while waiting for the content to come in. This placeholder text allows you to see what your website layout looks like even before it goes live. This tool is not only compatible with web design but also with graphic design and publishing.

6. Novoresume

To gain customer or employer trust, you need to present your best foot forward. Sometimes, though, it seems complicated because we don’t know what to tell people without sounding conceited. Novoresume resume templates help you create the perfect CV that will make you more attractive to business clients and partners. Novoresume does not just offer resume templates but also cover letters for all levels of experience and different industries.