5 killer ways that Bring Referral Traffic Towards Your Blog

Referral traffic is the type
of traffic driven to your website via the masterful employment and
implementation of links in order for viewers or potential shoppers to
actually reach it. What this means is that accessing a website through
Google or any other search engine does not fall into the category of
referral traffic. However, if one enters a site through a link in a blog
or another website, then the means of entry fully comply with the terms
of what actually defies the concept of referral traffic. All of this is
a fancy way saying that if you get links to your sites,and people enter
your site through those links, then the traffic you get this way and
not via search engines is referral traffic.This brings us to the actual
sites you want to get referral traffic from. Those are sites visited by a
vast audience each and every day, which means that you will get lots of
referral traffic if you juts have a link there.Though some prefer experts recommended SEO tools
to do effective keyword research to bring traffic from search engines
but still few blogs can make a difference in your traffic irrespective
of your knowledge in SEO, you just need to grab a link for your blog
that’s it. Here are some of those sites.

5. Yahoo Answers

Even though Yahoo is no longer the king of all search engines, their
service called Yahoo Answers is a perfect way to drive referral traffic
to your blog. Since you’re running a blog, then odds are you possess at
least some level of competence in some field, which even if you’re not
an expert (if you are, even better) will be enough to give someone
making an inquiry in Yahoo Answers a comprehensive answer they might
appreciate. Suppose you are a blog owner of an educational blog, so you can answer questions related to your niche and in the bottom,
where you place the sources, you can just put a link to your blog, where
one can possibly find some information about the subject. This will be
then viewed by many people making the same inquiry and bring much
additional traffic to your blog.

4. Facebook

Bored office workers all around the world spend countless hours on
Facebook, nervously looking around if someone has noticed the fact that
they are not working and instead are chatting with their friends (or
whatever people who have Facebook do these days). Facebook is the most
popular social media outlet right now which makes it the perfect place
to not only get referral traffic to your blog, but outright promote it.
This is really beneficial for you, because it will be seen by many
people and the registration is absolutely free.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest got the world by surprise and got big fast. This tendency
is obviously here to stay which is why it’s a good idea to use it for
referral traffic while it’s still gaining popularity and has not yet
reached its prime. This is a great time to do because not too many
people are doing it yet. What are you waiting for? Start pinning,

2. Twitter

People love one-liners. People have always loved one-liners. That’s
why one-liners are so popular in movies and other forms of
entertainment. And there is no better way to spread one-liners than
Twitter. Twitter gives you this unique ability and teaches you the value
of words, or even simple symbols because you have to send a message in
140 symbols including the spaces, so you have to make it count.
Incidentally, Twitter is also a great source of referral traffic.

1. YouTube

YouTube doesn’t allow you to put URLs in the comments, but what it
gives you is the ability to put links in the descriptions of videos.
It’s also a great way to promote your blog and provide links to it,
bringing you more publicity and referral traffic. Who knows, you might
even like vlogging more than blogging

Hope you will surely engage yourself in these activities to bring
traffic to your blog. If I have missed any thing you can tell me your
views. Will be happy to help readers of this website.