5 DevOps Trends to Watch in 2018

What is DevOps? Well, “Ops” is a blanket term for systems engineers, system administrators, operations staff, release engineers, DBAs, network engineers, security professionals, and various other job titles. “Dev” is used for developers mostly, and means “all the people involved in developing the product.”

The Automation of DevOps

DevOps is used to ensure continuous improvement and progressed integration. We will see an increase in the automation of DevOps in 2018 because everything is leaning towards automation with the development of software and the tech industry. Things are going to progressively become more simple and all industries are leading towards automation, so that is the main reason this is a trend to look out for in 2018.

Benefits of automation of DevOps range from increasing productivity to savings in cost on upgrades and maintenance. With this being said, DevOps ensures more organization and benefits within companies and organizations.

Enterprise DevOps

According to a study by RightScale, the ratio of enterprises that have adopted some aspect of DevOps principles reached 84% in 2017. The study showed that just 30% of enterprises have been able to adopt DevOps throughout the entire companies. Experts believe 2018 will be the year that DevOps won’t just be accepted by companies, but they will start using it at a larger scale.

More Dev Fewer Ops

Tools such as Terraform and Kubernetes management platforms are making it less necessary for people to manage code infrastructure. This means more people can focus on design, delivery of code and actual integration. DevOps in 2018 will be used to reduce the need for administrative tasks and give more power to software delivery. This means 2018 will lack the whole operation aspect of the DevOps model. Get ready for more cohesiveness and a better-flowing workspace.

ChatOps is Going to Become More of a Thing

ChatOps isn’t new, but we can expect a rise in use and popularity in 2018. ChatOps is basically used for pinging telebots that can reboot a server or perform other services at the drop of a hat. You can create things through a chat window with the use of ChatOps. In 2018, ChatOps will become more significant for a variety of websites and companies. It may seem like it increases the use of technology and reduces human interaction, but it actually is making work more human by changing the way humans work on their computers.

Service Meshes

In 2018, be on the lookout for service meshes. Service meshes are infrastructure layers that are dedicated to service-to-service communication. They simplify service discovery, traffic routing, health checking, and load balancing. Service meshes are unique to app micro-services and can be used in server-less computing. Service meshes are on the rise and growing in importance.

DevOps industry will definitely be on the rise. More and more organizations will undergo a digital transformation and look to DevOps for their workflows. The need for DevOps engineers and trustworthy contractors in this growing field will also be on the rise. When looking for a new career, maybe think of learning the DevOps game.