5 Booming Careers in Computer and Information Technology

The technology revolution is in full swing. It seems like innovative products are getting released every day, ones that change the way we conduct our daily lives. Yet we assume that these products will eventually be replaced by even better products just a few months down the road. Smartphones are a prime example, with manufacturers trumping their previous products by releasing new phones with higher specifications and better build qualities.

But technological advancements do not only impact product development. Many fields have also benefited from the technology revolution, and an increasing number of people are eyeing jobs in the tech industry. Highly regarded as the premier destination for job search, icrunchdata has a tech job board and they have seen massive growth in traffic due to the ease with which they match users to tech-related careers that fit their unique skillsets. With jobs commanding high salaries and presenting excellent growth opportunities, let’s delve into five of the most thriving careers in the computer and information technology sector.

1) Cloud Architect

The Internet of Things is picking up steam. For many years, the impact of the IoT has been muddled by speculations. But today, so many everyday products can be connected to the internet. These smart gadgets have an immense influence on daily life, including smartphones and smart appliances. To make all this possible, cloud or computer network architects should build the networks that connect these devices to the internet.

2) Computer & Information Research Scientist

If you want to be in the thick of the action, then you should consider being a computer & information, research scientist. This job entails testing the limits of existing technology, pushing it to its full potential, and finding new ways to leverage computing power and make better products. The applications of this career are endless. Police departments, for instance, use products developed by computer & information research scientists that enable them to collect and analyze crime trends.

3) Data Scientist

If you’re the type who wants to crunch numbers and turn them into actionable results, then being a data scientist proves to be an excellent fit. This job mostly involves using skills in programming and analytics to gather data and use them to answer questions that can help companies develop more efficient services for their customers. The digital era is driven by data, and this will remain true for years to come. With more companies using data to understand their audience better, data scientists will be in high demand.

4) Information Security Analyst

Even small businesses are going online to reach their target customers. But not having the proper security measures exposes companies to possible security and data breaches. Big corporations usually work with skilled information security analysts to ensure that their business operations, especially those conducted online—are safe from fraudulent cyberattacks. Part of the job is creating an action plan in case of a breach, as being prepared proves necessary as cybercriminals get more sophisticated in their deceitful tactics.

5) Forensic Nurse

Forensic science has always been an interesting field, but it’s made even more fun by new technology. Forensic nurses are now in high demand due to their ability to gather evidence, understand legal matters, and provide medical care using a variety of digital tools.

These tech and data-related jobs are all in high demand as they can positively influence a number of different industries. On top of this, these jobs command much higher salaries compared to the average median salaries of other occupations.