5 Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay Cash

Ever came across a friend or colleague that tells you about a website that pays you cash for filling survey forms? And first seems doubtful and why not, there have been a lot of scams, some even made headlines in the news.

But yes, there are genuine survey sites that pay you actual cash for doing the survey work. So, here is a list of top rated best five survey sites that can help you earn extra income.

  1. PINECONE RESEARCH: getting around $5 for 10 minutes of your time is not a bad idea at all. Sound luring right! Yes this survey site does exactly that. It is offering you a payment of around $5 for filling up a survey form that takes only a few minutes. You can easily rely on this site as it is operated by world’s leading research company, Nielsen. There is no limit on your withdrawal; you can withdraw anytime or even soon after you earned it.
  2. My Survey: The second on my list is Jy Survey, which is one of the famous online survey sites. Over here the learning is based on points. That means you register with the website and every time you fill up a survey, you earn points for it. After accumulating enough points, you can use to purchase items from the Reward catalogue of My Survey. The catalogue includes a gift card from Amazon, restaurants like Macy or you can redeem your points for cash through PayPal.
  3. PRO OPINION: Well, this one sounds a bit into business. It’s community. You join the community where there are businesses. Then you have to give your opinion on the business, or it services or how it can be improved. That is how you paid. You get paid for your expert advice and knowledge sharing. So this site helps both business houses for innovating their process, and you get paid.
  4. iPoll: iPoll is a genuine survey site that pays you for giving your opinion in the form of consumer feedback. Even when you sign up on the site, you will be paid $5 for it. The website offers different reward points. Such reward points can be redeemed for Magazine subscription or gifts cards for online portals or even cash from PayPal. The only constraint with this website is that you have to accumulate minimum points before redeeming it.
  5. INBOX DOLLARS: one of the oldest running survey website, Inbox Dollars is a name you can trust when it comes to online survey and money making websites. Here you get a sign-up bonus and reward for completing each survey. Once your total reward value reaches $30 you can ask for money. The amount is paid via check,that is mailed to you at your shipping address. Your first cheque might take up to 60 days, but subsequent cheques will reach you soon.

Now if you have any query regarding any of the above sites you can quickly search them on the net and get every detail regarding them.

Hope you found the right site to earn some good handy money!