How to Recognize an Objective Subwoofer Review

Did you know that writers from other countries write reviews for the products you buy in the US?

How do you know these reviews are objective—and not just some paid-for attempt at marketing? How do you distinguish between a real review and a fake one?

Over the years I’ve researched a bunch of information on subwoofers and amplifiers. Years later I’ve become adept at sifting out the authentic from the nonsense.

But more importantly, we want to read reviews from someone who likes to see things for themselves. Someone who wants to try out these products before recommending them to me and others. The best reviews come from first hand experience, which is the only kind of information I’m looking for.

Here are my criteria for sourcing authentic online reviews on subwoofers.

The Review Includes Everything

There’s only one good reason to read two reviews on the same product: to find out if they generally concur with each other.

But I found myself hunting for information from one review to the next—never finding all of the info I needed in one place.

You know you’ve found an authentic subwoofer review when it includes all of the specs and features you want to know about. That’s because they’ve been written by someone who held the device in their hands and probably tested it out too.

Negatives Are Not Ignored

I expect a review to sell me the idea of owning that subwoofer. It should get me excited about all the cool features and extras I can expect.

But if there aren’t any negatives in a review about subwoofers, then I tend to disbelieve everything I read. If the review is unbalanced and only focuses on the positive aspects of the product, it’s probably been written by an external source who knows less about car audio than you do.

I’ll go for honesty over lip service any day. How about you?

Value and Cost to Buyer are Discussed

So I know what I’m getting. But do I know how much it’s going to cost me?

What about hidden costs? And even if I do know what it’s going to cost me, how do I know if that amount if worth it for what I’m getting?

The best subwoofer reviews give you a very honest look at pricing and value. They take the features of the device, compare it to others in its range and give you valid opinion on whether the device is worth its price.

The Writer Understands Subwoofer Installation

It’s important to source online reviews for subwoofers that have been written by real experts. Specialist car sound writers not only write about car audio, they live and work in the industry every day.

There’s no substitute for an authentic review writer who’s truly passionate about the topic he knows so well.

But how do you tell if a review was written by someone who installs subwoofers and car sound systems?

An Installation Guide

The review will have at least a rough guide on how to install the subwoofer. You’ll be given a few steps on how to attach it and how to conceal it within your car.

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

Some subwoofers come with some unexpected pitfalls. Someone who has been through the installation process will bring your attention to these and help you prevent and/or overcome them.

Installation Time Estimate

I’d like to know more or less how long it will take to install my new subwoofer. Someone who’s done it themselves will be able to tell me.

Performance Factors Must Be Clear

I’ve noticed a trend in subwoofer reviews lately. They are more opinionated than factual. It’s one thing to review a movie, but a device like this has technical aspects that should be properly measured.

For instance, instead of telling me how ‘awesome the sound is, tell me why it’s awesome and what measurable factors contributed to that awesomeness. Give me specifics on volts, watts, decibels RMS and peak power.


The dimensions are also important to note if you’re installing the subwoofer yourself. If you’re adding it to an existing car sound system you may want to take a few measurements before making the purchase.

Getting the dimensions of the subwoofer will help you determine the best place for concealment and whether you need to modify your inner car space.

An Authority on Car Audio

A site like Car Audio Logic is a perfect example of an objective and educational review site. Their analyses on subwoofers and amplifiers are beyond comprehensive in every way. They also don’t sweep the issues under the rug and focus solely on the positive aspects of the device.

I know what I’m in store for when it comes to paying for the subwoofer as well as any other hidden costs that might follow. Installation time can be factored into my fitment project because someone who’s actually done the installation has advised me how to do it—step by step.

For someone like me who understands the technicalities of subwoofers, I get loads of technical aspects to scrutinize while comparing one product to another. I also know exactly how big and heavy the subwoofer is going to be before I buy it online or drive to the store to fetch it.

From now on you’ll find it a lot easier to identify the real from the fake. Find a site like Car Audio Logic and stay up to date with all this industry has to offer.