Natural remedies for Hiatal Hernia that you should follow

When the wall or membrane that holds an organ in its rightful place breaks or gets damaged and part of the organ projects out through this rupture, which is known as hernia. The abdomen is usually the place where hernia happens more often, along with the upper thigh and groin area as secondary places. The tear or rupture occurs due to the weakening of the abdominal wall. When the wall becomes weak, its inner lining thrust against the outer lining and a balloon like bag appears on any one side of the abdomen. The pain that a patient feels when suffering from hernia is caused by abdominal tissue or intestinal loops slipping into the balloon like bag.

Hernia usually occurs when an excessively weak wall of the abdomen suffers due to a high amout of strain or stress. This happens when you lift heavy weights at the gym, are suffering from obesity or irregular bowel movement, or are going through a phase of tremendous sneezing or coughing – in short, anything strenuous could cause a rupture, leading to hernia. In case of hernia, the patient can be of any age – the condition takes a long time to become adverse, so a patient suffering from hernia at 30 might have laid the foundation for the condition.

Light pains may start occurring from an early stage – whenever a patient stoops or bends down to lift any kind of weight. The most common type of hernia patients suffer from is Hiatal Hernia , which occurs mainly in the elderly. This causes by the stress of old age, any pre-existing physical condition, stress and too much smoking or drinking. Today we will look at how you can cure hernia without surgery  or chemical medication. Our approach would be to discuss natural remedies for hernia. So read on to find out more.

Exercising on a daily basis

You simply cannot beat the benefits associated with exercising on a daily basis. You can reduce weight naturally with a regular workout regime. With daily exercise, you also enhance your immune system, make your stomach muscles stronger and improve your overall health. Basically, this is more of prevention than cure. But you need to keep in mind that exercising does not mean lifting weights. Yoga and regular cardio should be your new best friends.

Drinking various kinds of teas

There are various kinds of herbal teas that you can drink to improve a hernia condition. They are as follows:

  • Gentian Tea – If you want a good source of minerals and essential vitamins, then gentian tea is the way to go. Amarogentin, its prime ingredient, induces saliva generation, which is good for gastric juice and bile activity. Digestion also improves to a great degree with this tea.

  • Slippery Elm Tea – The powder of the slippery elm bark contains a high level of mucilage, which gives a healing and soothing effect to all patients suffering from hernia. The tissues and membranes of your body are strengthened when you drink this powder as a tea. It also induces production of mucus.