A Short Guide ToThe Latest Printing Technologies

Printing is evolving every day. With there being such a wide range of printers available on the market right now, choosing which one is best for you or your business can be difficult, Here’s a breakdown of the latest printing technologies to help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right one for you:

Laser Jet Printers

For the highest quality text printing, only a laser jet printer will do. Much clearer and more accurate than an ink jet printer, laser jet printers give a much better, more professional looking results every time when it comes to printing text. Laser printers of moment are more resource efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. With super low emissions, the newest laser jet printers are quieter than ever before too, making them ideal for office environments.  As a laser is used to print the image on to the page using static electricity, the results are super speedy. Laser printers can also be connected to a network which allows multiple different users to print at the same time, so there’s much less need for companies to have more than one printer in the office.

Colour Laser Jet Printers

Using coloured ribbons, colour laser technology is now better than ever before making it a great choice for both text and photo printing everyday jobs. Although colour laser printers can be quite expensive they do produce great results as they use toner instead of ink, meaning that cartridges last much longer, making them more cost effective over a long period of time. A good option for those needing to print both text and photos for everyday use a colour laser jet printer is a great investment.

Dye-Sublimation Printers

Perfect for graphic designers or those producing maps and CAD drawings, dye-sublimation printers are super specific and have the capacity to produce high resolution print outs. Instead of using an ink cartridge or laser, this type of printer works by using a see-through film which is imbedded with dyes to create the colours on the page. As the dyes blend together naturally this creates a much higher resolution result, ideal for those who need extremely high quality graphic print outs.

Printing technology continues to evolve with new printing styles being developed each day. For accurate everyday printing the technology behind a laser jet printer makes it one of the best models to go for however, for those working in the design industry a dye-sublimation printer is a better choice.