Google Lets Kids Explore The Himalayas as The Yeti

Google has released a new application specially designed for children to let them explore the Himalayas using maps,
3D imagery and gameplay.

Called “Verne: The Himalayas”, the app introduces the character Verne, who is a friendly, 500-foot Yeti whom children can
use to move around the map scenes.

Google Maps blog post

We invite you to explore the Himalayas as a Yeti named Verne. You can run up Mt. Everest, chase yaks, discover bits of information, ride a jetpack,
play Himalayan instruments, and more. We’re excited to share it today as a fun way for anyone to take a summer trip to the tallest mountain range in the world. 

The Yeti in the game can climb to the top of Mount Everest, go skating on icy lakes, chase yaks, ride a jetpack, play Himalayan instruments and delivers educational information about the Himalayas via a voice over.

Download Verne: The Himalayas app.

(With agency inputs.)