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Your New Best Friend, The HP Envy 13

Face it, you may be fed up of thinking your life is all about work work work with little play. You’ve been reading up on how to get a digital detox ironically hunched over your desktop in your little 8×8 cubicle. Guess what? Life is outside. And you need a best friend to make you get the best of both worlds. You know how they tell you to be careful before you make the commitment and investment? Well nothing makes more sense than applying that advice to your thinking machine because, trust us, a trusty personal computer is your escape route to many a tough sticky situation. 

A sturdy companion helps with life on the go.

1. In the age of start ups, the best ideas need the best execution. Whether you’re a freelancer, the next hot new designer or the guy who has a ton of ideas he wants to see fulfilled, a trust laptop is the need of the hour.

With life becoming super hectic, travel for work is always on the cards. When you find yourself jetlagged and home starts feeling like an airport lounge, the time is now for that epic laptop that will help you keep updated with your office mails. You need something that is ultra-portable and lightweight like the new HP Envy 13 which matches your mile high club lifestyle. When you’re expected to work like a mix of Clark Kent and Superman, time to upgrade to the next gen laptop that has a ten hour battery life.

When you’re off saving the world you need a laptop that’s going to be equally high flying. Something that’s super thin and durable and doesn’t add to your baggage.

Be a conversation starter with the new HP Envy 13.

2. Who says only people who go to office are the most productive? Going to a set work place may soon become outdated. In fact, the vast majority of freelancers, entrepreneurs and designers need a dependable laptop to get the work done and delivered on time wherever they are. Creative people need to an extension to visualize their work and the best way to do that is through research and feedback.

With changing professions and changing needs, the best companion to keep up with life and times is your laptop. Work these days happens from any where, it can be a coffee shop, a co-working space or even in the middle of a busy commute. Your ability to be a great worker has squat to do with you being physically present in office. Thankfully most companies are getting that. So what you waiting for? Get yourself that amazeballs HP Envy 13 which is big on support and performance and go get ‘em tiger!

Be entertained wherever you are.

3. Heck, after all that work there’s got to be play. And nothing says entertainment like a great audio video system for a jetsetter like you. No matter where you are blazing a trail blazer like you. Try Bang and Olufsen ladies and gents. That my dears is the epitome of world class sound systems. Just plug in and turn your HP Envy 13 into a soundstage where entertainment comes alive with sound you can feel. Now watch your favourite shows and films and cut out the white noise

Stay in touch with loved ones.

4. Stay connected to your friends and family even when you’re away. Who says you have to miss out on all the fun? Your days of moaning about not being there to see your kids growing up or not being able to just take off on that long weekend because of the boss are over. The faster your laptop, the faster you get to finish your work and go join the fun.

Dependable, like a life companion.

5. Investing in a laptop is almost like investing in a life partner. Get stuck with a bad one and you’ll be cursing yourself for a long time. You may not be lucky to get the partner of your dreams but guess what? You’ll have a smooth relationship with a laptop like HP Envy 13. Be prepared to flaunt this size zero beauty and dodge the green tinged stares! Want to know what beauty and performance look like when they come together in absolute synergy? Take a look at the stunning HP Envy

HP ENVY Notebook vs. Macbook Air


HP ENVY Notebook

Apple® MacBook Air® 13″


Screen size

13.3″ diagonal

13.3″ diagonal

Display resolution

2.1 million pixels with FHD, up to 5.7 million pixels with QHD+ option

1.3M pixels


6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5

5th Generation Intel® Core™ i5

Battery life

Up to 10 hours

Up to 12 hours


2.81 lbs.

2.96 lbs.











Bang & Olufsen audio

Stereo speakers


3x USB 3.0, HDMI, SD card reader,

2x USB 3.0, SD card reader, Thunderbolt

Starting price




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