Facebook Bullying Android Users

Facebook has a habit of dictating what it thinks is allegedly good for us, actually what is good for the company’s ad revenue.

We remember how facebook “forced” its users to use a separate app for instant messaging, claiming it was due to high positive response. Now they are doing the same with FB Messenger.

Recently Android users who are accessing Facebook using a mobile browser and want to use the Messenger will be automatically (and persistently) asked to use the Messenger app, with the download page popping up every time you click on the Message button. It is worst than when you get stuck on a porno or casino site and just can’t get out of it.

I still don’t understand why people need multiple apps to do what one app was/is perfectly capable of doing, maybe multiple platforms mean multiple ad revenue.

For those of you who are equally annoyed as I am and see no reason in downloading yet another messaging app, you can avoid the persistent popups by switching to desktop view in your mobile browser settings.

That will bring things back to normal for the time being but I am sure FB will soon find a way to leave you with two options – take it or leave it.