Google I/O 2016 : Android N, Daydream VR, Android Wear 2.0 & More

Sundar Pichai has begun the keynote proceedings at the Google I/O 2016 with the Google Assistant. With the help of Google’s Search capability, users can make the best of the information available across region, language, content and research.

Google I/O 2016:

  • Many Google products like Movies, Photos now supports VR on Android N
  • Google Play now offers VR-enabled apps
  • YouTube app has been redesigned to support improved VR experience
  • Android N comes with built-in VR features
  • Google has added new range of emojis to mark the power of women.

Google Play offers VR apps. (Photo: Google)

The reference design of VR headset for mobile. (Photo: Google)

More woman emojis on Android N. (Photo: Google)

Everyone gets the chance to name the Android N this year. (Photo: Google)