Mac games you shouldn’t miss out in 2016 – Get ready all you gamers!

If you’re using Mac, you should feel lucky enough to note that there is abundance of diversity of selection in every single week. The game releases that take place for Mac are enough reason for the gamers to installMac as their OS. If you still haven’t checked the can’t miss Mac games still, hurry up as 2016 won’t wait to unleash a killer section of new games that would definitely fall in love with. The first few weeks of 2016 have already released several games which have obsessed the player and if you don’t know about them, you may read on the concerns of this article. To know the highlights of such games, keep going through this post. Check out the list of new Mac games which you shouldn’t miss out in 2016.

  1. The Banner Saga2: The Banner Saga2 was originally introduced a couple of years back but the new version is somewhat similar to its original version but there are definitely some exciting changes too. You won’t be disappointed with The Banner Saga2, which is priced $20 as there might not be any dramatic changes to the main formula but there are some small enhancements here and there to the tactical strategy which is indeed meaningful. You can command a flight of survivors as they move across the landscape, entering into battles with warriors and making tough decisions. With the new gameplay, there are 2 storylines to follow.

  2. Stephen’s Sausage Roll: Did you ever come across Stephen’s Sausage Roll on Steam without even being aware about it? If answered yes, there are high chances that you’ll keep moving with it. Not only the same of the game is a bit strange, the entire game is also a 3D puzzle and it comes at $30 which is more expensive than the average indie game. But if you’re a bit aware of what’s going around, you would know how this game has gained some serious momentum.

  3. Enter the Gungeon: Enter the Gungeon is a game priced at $15 which finds a sweet spot between a crawling dungeon action game and a bullet hell shooter. The game throws a challenge to you to fight through a tough terrain as attacks and enemies fill the screen. You don’t require playing this game alone as it is a 4-player game and it gets crazier and interesting as you keep on adding players. You can encounter a wide variety of specific firearms as you move along the way and your ultimate goal would be to collect the wildest. This game feels like the Nuclear Throne which came out in 2015.

  4. SpeedRunners: We all have had an experience with playing as an endless runner on iPhone but SpeedRunners will take the side-scrolling to a fresh new direction. This is an extremely interesting multi-player experience where 4 players continuously battle out while they run. You will find yourself swinging from hooks to continue moving through obstacles and you can even use them to grab opponents. This game looks awesome while in action and you can play this both offline and online.

When you install such high resolutions games in you Mac PC, you might enjoy playing them from the core of your heart but what if your machine suddenly hangs at the middle of a game? What if the message box asks you to force quit Mac? You can use the new app with its shortcut to force quit an application when it doesn’t work in the proper manner.