Apple’s Request to Sell Refurbished iPhones in India Rejected

One of the world’s largest mobile manufacturers Apple has been having a hard time gathering a strong number in sales, globally, as the interest surrounding the iPhone is gradually declining. They tried to boost their sales by coming out with a smaller, more affordable version of the current generation iPhone in the form of iPhone SE, but that too failed to create any interest, especially in India.

According to aBloomberg report, the American company is set to take another blow. Apple had requested to import and sell refurbished iPhones in India, but that has been turned down, according to a telecommunications ministry official who did not wish to be named.

Apple wanted to sell refurbished phones in order to lure more customers in a price-sensitive market like India. The company’s rivals have mounted a public campaign against the effort, arguing that such a move would trigger a flood of used electronics while defeating the government’s Make-in-India program to encourage local manufacturing.

The turning down of Apple’s request can be seen as a setback especially at a time when the company is struggling with sales globally and holds 2 per cent market share in In