The changing face of the gaming industry – Trends to watch out for in 2016

It is at surprisingly rapid speeds that technology keeps evolving with time. Do you want a proof of the speedy movement of digital technology over the last few years? If answered yes, just stop by and take a look at the gaming industry. Gone are those good old days of black-and-white 2D games like Pong which gave way to the very first 3D game, Monster Maze in the year 1981, to the lively shooters like Battlefield 3 which was created in 2011 and the MMO games in 2015, one can undoubtedly claim that the gaming industry has gone through enough technological changes. For all the gamers within the industry, it has been a roller-coaster ride, for both the hardcore types and the casual type. Majority of the gamers wonder about how games are going to turn out in the near future.

As per forecast by PWC, it has been said that the video gaming industry is predicted to grow by at least 40% from $15 billion in 2014 to $21 billion by the end of 2019. But apart from the decline in conventional gaming hardware and the switch to digital, what sort of other changes can the gamers expect? Will the biggest 3 browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer take a backseat? As there’s a wide world of alternative options with browsers which are fighting for attention with special features for the gamers, privac settings and many more. Want to know which is thebest browser for MMO games? Want to know what’s about to happen in this industry in 2016? Read on.

  1. The homecoming of VR (Virtual Reality): Did you know that 3D films existed even a century back? However, due to hefty costs, the technology couldn’t take a flight. It is now that in the recent years we are going to experience the homecoming of 3D technology for gaming screens and for the gamers. Video games have even evolved so much that one could hardly make out the difference between a real scene and a video game. This proves that the trend is moving towards immersive digital entertainment, straight from the scene of movies to gaming screens.

  2. Design of games will become even more transparent: If you’ve had a recent experience, you will know that crowd funding is indeed an effective method of raising funds for developing a new game project. Moreover, a large number of bigger brands like Xbox have allowed their fans to look into the process of developing games and have their opinion. This is a tendency which is picking up very fast as more and more studios desperately look for fiscal guarantees before being committed to a big project. Hence, the game development methods are going to be more transparent.

  3. Secondary gaming screens: As the market for handheld devices keeps gaining momentum, there is a constant war between the major brands, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as they rush off to invent secondary gaming devices. You may consider the recently released Wii U GamePad which has a built-in touchscreen to act as a support to games. Microsoft is also catching up with the rat race by inventing Xbox SmartGlass which is an app that plays the role of a supportive tool for the gamers. You can download and use them through tablets and smartphones.

  4. Cloud gaming: As internet connections get more reliable and faster, the cloud computing technology has also become similarly popular. Will Wright, the creator of Sims loves to adopt the idea of cloud gaming as an important part of the industry trends for 2016. Games will now become as easily accessible as is movies and music. Browser compatibility to get the best experience, high-end graphics cards are some of the important factors to consider.

As the above mentioned list is not crystal ball predictions, there might be some changes as per the points. Nevertheless, you will definitely be a witness to some staggering changes to the gaming industry which will leave you spellbound.