In Pictures: Rolls Royce Nautical Wraith Is Inspired by a Yacht

According to Rolls Royce, inspiration is everywhere, and they take their tagline very seriously. The BMW-owned luxury car maker has come out with a one-off Rolls Royce that takes inspiration from a yacht called Nautical Wraith.

The “Arabian Blue and English White” car has small designs both on the interior and exterior that are inspired by a yacht.

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There is an engraving on the dashboard of the Nautical that is meant to give you a feel of a yacht.

The Exterior. (Photo Courtesy:

There’s one on the exterior too.

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In fact the whole dashboard pays homage to the decking on yachts.

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Just to give you an idea of the attention that Rolls Royce gives to detail on its cars, you need to look at the ceiling of the cabin. It has thousands of small lights that are meant to give you a ‘starry-night’ feel. How cool is that?

We personally think it was aboat time Rolls Royce came out with a nautic themed car, it just didn’t feel right stepping out of a normal Silver Shadow, at the yacht harbor, with shorts and a polo shirt on.