Mark Zuckerberg Pays Kochi-Based College Student $700 For Website

Google paid to buy the domain name few months back and Facebook has made a similar purchase this month.

The social networking giant has bought the rights to use the domain name from a Kochi-based engineering student in India. The student, Amal Augustine had listed the domain name for sale from his Facebook account, for which Facebook has paid him $700.

The price quoted for the domain name may sound like a cheap bargain but what has gotten Amal excited the most is the fact that Facebook approached him personally to buy the website.

Amal Auguestine’s post on the sale of domain name. (Photo: Facebook)

Want to make a quick buck? Just buy an odd-named domain name and wait for some big company to buy it off you. However, make sure you get a good deal out of it.

That’s exactly what Amal has done with the domain name that was registered under his name till now. Facebook’s urge to buy the domain name stems from the fact that Maxime Chan Zuckerberg, the first-born of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also called Max Chan Zuckerberg for short. Also, Max Zuckerberg was the name of the great grandfather of Mark Zuckerberg.

Once Facebook contacted Amal, the formalities of buying the domain name were completed in seven days, after which he is said to have received a formal letterhead from Facebook to conclude the deal.