UK Messaging App Tengi Goes Global

Tengi is a new messaging app that uses ads but apparently lets users win back a part of the revenue.

Since its launch in February 2016, Tengi has amassed more than 25,000 users
and given away more than £170,000 in cash.

This is their press release.

Tengi, the British-based chat app that gives back,
is launching globally this Friday, only two months after its successful
roll-out in the UK. Now users can chat to friends anywhere in the world using
Tengi. Users in the US and India will automatically earn tickets for entry
into Tengi’s global weekly prize draw, which features a top prize of

“We’ve proved the success of our model – which acknowledges the value
of our users by giving back 50% of our advertising revenues – with a very
active UK user base,” said Neil Laycock, CEO of Tengi “Now it’s time to
go global.”

“This launch allows our UK users to chat to their friends all over the
world and also allows our international users to benefit from the same Tengi
features,” continued Laycock.

The weekly international prize draw will see one chatter from the UK, US or
India win a top prize of £10,000 – or approximately $14,000 or 940,000
India Rupees. The draw takes place every Friday at 7pm BST, and in addition
to the top prize, there are four £25, $35 or 2350 INR prizes and 850 £5, $7
or 450 INR prizes available to win each week.

Outside the UK, US and India, other international users will now be able to
download Tengi Lite. The Lite version offers the same outstanding messaging
features, but without the prize element for now. However, users from the UK,
US and India can still earn tickets for themselves by chatting to their
international friends that are using Tengi Lite.

“We’re looking forward to taking our exciting business model to the US
and India and seeing winners from another market. We believe Tengi has the
potential to disrupt the home market of some of the other messaging apps out
there,” continued Laycock.

“We will continue to offer a great messaging experience for Tengi Lite
users, even without the prize giveaway,” Laycock added. “And we’re
working hard to bring the prize element to more and more countries as soon as
we can.”

For users from the UK, US or India to take part in the draw they just need to
just download the Tengi messaging app and use it to chat to friends and
family. The prize draws are funded through Tengi directly sharing 50% of its
advertising revenues with users.