QICENT 4 Ports Smart USB Charger review with giveaway

At first we were surprised, in the office, to receive a USB charger to review. But then we noticed that USB chargers have become as important as the gadgets that they are used to charge. Nowadays nearly every adult owns a smartphone and a tablet, most people have some sort of accessory like a powerpack, Bluetooth speakers or headphones, a smartwatch or a fitness tracker; if you consider a four person household then that adds up to a lot of chargers and a lot of occupied sockets. Seeing the situation at home and in the office, the benefits of a multiport charger became quite obvious.


The Qicent multi charger allows for four devices to be charged simultaneously. The charger has an overall output of 30 W and 6.8A. Two ports are capped at 2.4A (super charger), suitable for tablets and iPads. The other two are capped at 1A, which is enough for most modern smartphones and accessories.

All USB connections provide 5 volts of power guaranteeing no surprises there.  Apparently the company has its own iSmart technology, where each port automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for connected devices. There is a note in the user’s manual that you might have to turn the charger on and off when swapping between Samsung and Apple devices on the super charging port, it has to do with resetting the smart USB port controller.

The manufacturer promises premium circuitry design with high-temperature, high-current, surge and over-charging protection. We have been using the charger non-stop for a week, usually a pad and two or three phones are connected and we haven’t noticed the charger getting warm.

Tablet Cell Phone Stand Holder

The desktop charger has a built in phone or tablet stand on top. It is not a docking port, just the plastic case molded to hold a phone or tablet but it has proven to be useful.

Manufacturer Warranty

24-month Replacement Warranty, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s In The Box

1 x QICENT® 30W 4-port charger

1 x User Manual :

1 x Warranty Card

1 x AC Cable


We are not talking about rocket science here, the Qicent multi-port charger does what it is expected to do, considering the price they are asking that is a reasonable deal. After a week using the device under normal circumstances, we have not encountered any surprises or disappointments. If you need any of the fancy new charging features that a few flagship phones offer, then it is best to pay the price for their products.

The concept of a multi-port charger is very practical, the Qicent charger has earned its place on our kitchen table. We have attached two micro USB cables to the universal ports, the 1 A output is sufficient for most Android devices and accessories, the super charger ports are mainly used for iPads/ tablets and iPhones. The stand is often used to watch a video with others, video chatting or reading internet cooking recipes, it has justified its existence in our case.

The AC input is 100-220V, the device is delivered with a US plug, so you need either an adapter or a new cable to use it in other countries. For office travels we bought the Qicent wall charger with a travel adapter, it saves carrying around multiple chargers and, when in your hotel room, you can charge your phone, tablet and power pack simultaneously.

We didn’t find the UL approval for this charger but the wall charger has one. The Qicent charger has a 24 month warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and is sold on Amazon making it a safe buy.

Our readers in America can try their luck and maybe win a free Qicent multi-port charger, made available by qicent.cc, below or if you can’t wait just purchase it on Amazon.

·       Giveaway Duration : 3/24-3/31

·       Winner Announcement : 4/1

·       Number of winner : 1 winner

Congratulations! The winner is Marty C – the prize will be shipped on April 5th