Fujitsu receiver could download a 4k movie to your phone in an instant

The japanese company Fujitsu  has developed a tiny, 0.75 cc, terahertz-band receiver. The small prototype is sensitive to frequencies as high as 300 GHz, meaning it could accept around 20 gigabits of data in one second.

The new prototype is around one tenth the size of previous terahertz-band receivers, Fujitsu had tried to make. Apparently their aim was to get it small enough to fit into a modern day smart phone. They managed this task by integrating the receiver-amplifier chip and the antenna in the same package.

The receivers speed could enable instantaneous downloads of large files like 4K videos. The short range of terahertz signals would mean that the chip would function similar to NFC.  The company says downloading content, to your phone, at dedicated kiosks or terminals would be an ideal application of this technology. I suppose soon we will purchase high definition movies, instead of newspapers, at the train station. Fujitsu hopes to commercialize the receiver in around 4 years.