10 Amazing things your family can do with your ashes when you die

It is indeed a well-known as obvious fact that each and every soul will surely taste death sooner or later. Your body will be then burn down into ashes under a religious belief and practice. This process is called cremation. So what are your loved ones actually going to do with your ashes after you’re gone? There are probably some amazing things which actually can be done with your ashes after you die and below are some of these great ideas.

The below mentioned ideas of using the cremains into various different things can be the growing reason for the popularity of cremation to keep on growing day by day.

The scattering process

This is one method which you could do to honour your loved one who is no more there with you. Scattering the ashes in one of the most loved places of the deceased loved one would be a great thing as that is the place they would love to be. So committing to scatter these ashes maybe in his or her favourite mountain or park can actually be beneficial by making the deceased soul happy.

Have the cremains in an urn

Some may decide to choose this method by keeping the remains in a special urn. This urn is often kept in a very sacred or special place at home. Some may also decide to bury the urn too. Keeping the ashes at home in a sacred place is a common practice by many people.

Turning cremains into a memorial

Some dearest loved ones may slightly try to do something more different with their loved ones ashes by turning it into something which can be kept tangible. Making it into a framed piece of art. Ashes are sometimes mixed with cement or even mixing it with paint or some other art type made into a lovely masterpiece to hang on your walls.

Getting cremains tattooed

Getting the cremains of your loved one tattooed on your body can be with you wherever you go until you end up turning into ashes sooner or later. This is a rare practice but yet happens all around the globe. For this procedure to occur the cremains have to be finely ground enough to be mixed with the ink of the tattoo and then a lovely art done on your body with the help of a tattoo artist.

Turning cremains to jewellery

Turning cremains into jewellery may sound odd but it is indeed a unique idea of what you can actually do with the ashes of your loved one and wear it around on your body. This process is actually done by turning the ashes into lovely diamonds. This is an incredible way of memorialize towards your loved one.

Passing it on to siblings

If the deceased soul has many siblings and loved by almost every sibling very much I believe each and every one of the siblings who are presently living should have a turn of keeping the cremains of their post siblings for a month or few weeks. So this cremains could be passed on to all the siblings who would love to have it for a while in order for remembrance and respect can practice this method.

Putting cremains to a columbarium

A columbarium is a specially made place to store the cremains of loved ones in a building where cremains are kept resting. This may be a great choice if you do not have a special place made at your home to give the cremains of your loved one some extra special honour.

Bury the cremains at home.

Having the cremains buried in your home garden is a commonly practiced method by many people around the globe. There is also no cost which is incurred to do this and lovely flowers and trees can be grown around it in mark of respect by honouring the dead.

Turn your ashes into a tree

This could indeed be worthy and also save the environment in one way. Using the ashes to nourish other growing trees is a great thing which will later on be fully grown into a beautiful tree with the help of your loved one. Willow, oak and cherry are the most popularly grown trees through this process.

Make it into an hourglass

This would be a magnificent piece of ornament which can be displayed at your home. There are a few techniques on how to get these cremains into an hourglass which you may already have and start using it to track time and remember your loved one at the same time too.