Why UX Is Essential in Web Design?

Many web designers often overlook the importance of user experience when creating a website. They are more focused on making the website attractive, but they forget that too much can be too confusing for many users. The primary objective of a website is to ensure that the visitor stays on the site for a few minutes to check out the products or services they’re interested in. If the website is not user-friendly, the visitor will move on to another website selling similar products.

If you look from the business and marketing perspective, the user experience (UX) in web design is a technique to discover and implement information architecture, sales funnels, and overall satisfaction of the visitors. So, here are some of the stages that web designers need to go through:

1) Information gathering

Understanding what goes on in the customer’s mind when they visit a website is essential to develop the website content accordingly. That is why you need to interview existing customers to understand their motive. This will also allow you to create content according to different types of customer groups. Web design companies are trying to figure out the buyer personas through their search habits on the website.

2) Information architecture

Web design companies appoint UX specialists to collect data from the information gathering stage and build wireframe key pages and a sitemap based on the gathered details. A reputable provider of Web Design in Phuket takes this stage a step further – comparing all the information and deciding if the website needs new pages to accommodate what the viewers want.

The sitemap is the link that connects the website user and the web designer. The UX specialist can start developing a wireframe for relevant pages according to the data collected from user interviews. One of the most crucial parts of the wireframes includes the call-to-action links which guide the visitor to their desired page, helping them buy the product or service quickly.

3) Design and development

This is the last stage to ensure that the UX design is appropriate for the users. Once the information architecture and wireframes are developed, the UX specialist will guide the copywriter and web designer to the final stages of web development. Many web designers also use marketing automation software to design websites that can track user behavior. This is a step forward to introducing machine learning on websites because the site will only display content that is most relevant to the respective user.

If the website understands what the viewer wants to see, it can hide additional content according to the viewer. This will not only improve the user experience but also increase the time that the user spends on the website.

UX is a very crucial part of web design as it links sales and marketing together. Overlooking UX can only make your website more complicated because you will ignore what the potential customers want to see in the site. This is an era of customization, and if the UX of your website can deliver that, your company will skyrocket to the top in no time.